Scarlet Nexus Walkthrough - Action RPG Guide

Scarlet Nexus Walkthrough – Action RPG Guide


Read guide to all story quests, gameplay basics, collectibles, bosses, and side quests in the Scarlet Nexus action game.

At the beginning of the game, you are offered a tutorial. Here are the main keys that you will use while playing:

  • W, S, A, D – character movement
  • SHIFT – acceleration, running
  • Shift + W, S, A, D – side evasion. Timely dodging is called perfect, and slows down time, and also opens up opportunities for various combos
  • Space – jump
  • Q – target lock or disable target lock
  • LMB – attack with the main weapon
  • RMB – telekinesis attack (throwing an object)
  • LMB + Space – attack from below, throwing enemies into the air.
  • LMB + RMB – attack with the main weapon, rebound and throw of an object
  • C + RMB – circular attack, bounce and throw of an object
  • C – spin attack, spin attack
  • J and L – switch between targets with active capture

The following features will be unlocked later:

  • G – throw a powerful object
  • 6 and 7 – switching between consumables (in the lower left corner)
  • T or mouse wheel – use the consumable
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 – using SAS abilities
  • P – open character menu with different tabs

Do what the game asks for and complete the tutorial with ease.

Prologue: Reunion

Follow the marker, after the cut-scene, leave the vicinity of the tomb and go to the cafe. Fight enemies until a huge ram appears. Dodge in time to slow down time with perfect dodges and avoid damage. Don’t forget to use potions on T. Collect all consumables in the city. These will be credits, light jellies (restore HP) and pills that remove status effects. After the victory, run along the marker and watch the video.

Faith in the road to the future

Explore this city, then press TAB and move to Kukitiba. Collect various items including eco data. You can sell the latter in stores. Here, for the first time, you will be told about throwing special items. When throwing vending machines, after holding G, you need to press simultaneously on A and D. If you are throwing barrels, then press W.

How to defeat the boss

In the end, you need to defeat the boss. Wait for him to jump on you (stay away), dodge on Shift with the A or D key, and then hold down G to drop pipes on the boss. And you need to stand under the suspended pipes so that the boss jumped to you and was right under them. Only then will the G key become active. Drop all four sets of pipes on the enemy to win and complete the submission.

To be continued…

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