Retro Machina Walkthrough and Game Guide

Retro Machina Walkthrough and Game Guide


At the beginning of the game, run to the right and jump over the lasers by pressing L. Use the K key to smash obstacles on the way. In the end, you will fall down and fly out of town.

Get to the Nucleonix Factory. Along the way, you will need to destroy blocks and kill robots. You will also find an obstacle. To get around it, hold I and release to take over control of the Beetle Bot. Set it to the red button. Press I again disable target control.


Continue through the plant. Activate the buttons and levers. Kill a new enemy. Let him try to ram you with his saw. You jump back and counterattack. Take control of the bugbot from the machine that spawns these enemies. Stand on the platform with your robot, and then put the bugbot on the red button so that the platform goes to the right. In the next room on the table there will be a collectible item – a newspaper. Select it with the K key.

Climb the stairs to the left and take control of the bugbot. Go through the hole on the right, go around the electric floor and stand on the red button. A resotron will appear at the bottom. Take control of it, fly to the other side and hold O to destroy the generator and turn off the electric floor. Take the beetle to the lever, go through the barrier that turns off the control of the robots, and reconnect to the beetle. Place it on the platform and step on the button yourself. Then swap places. A lever on the other side will enable automatic platform movement. But in general, you need to go to the right. Stand on the two yellow buttons using yourself and the bugtron.

Pick up the first upgrade core. Break the flasks. A couple of them will have beetles. Take control of anyone and make your way into the locked room through the hole on the left. Stand on the yellow button so that the hero can get inside and pick up a collectible item – the drawing of Gigatron. Defeat the suddenly appeared enemies. You need to destroy two turrets and a beetle generator. Do not rush to go through the door, but turn right to find a first aid kit. You can intercept control of the bug and guide him through the hole to press the red button. A bomb will appear. Use the same beetle to attack her on the O key to inflict damage on enemies and simplify the battle. Go down the platform.

Take control of the beetle bot and get through the holes to the red button. Release it and take over control of the resotron. Explode the current-generating device. Stand on the platform and use the beetle to click on the nearest button. Now you will need to go past the laser turrets, activating the buttons either with the beetle bot or by the robot itself. You need to deliver the beetle to the very end in order to press the two yellow buttons.

A mini-boss with four tentacles will appear. First, I propose to destroy the top device that spawns beetles. Then wait for the enemy to stick all the tentacles into the ground, run in a circle, and when all four come out in other points, run up and attack the mini-boss. Repeat the process until it is completely destroyed. After the victory, pick up the magazine “Fusitron”. You just defeated him.

Atomic City

Follow the only route to the funicular. You will find yourself at the central station. To go to the mountain of illumination, you will have to collect 2 atomic batteries. There is a terminal for improvement nearby. Go through the door leading to Atomic City. To open the door on the right, you need to collect four keys. Pull the lever on the left and use your destination. You will see that you are in the central part, and in addition to it there are three more points of fast travel. They will be unlocked as soon as you find yourself in these locations.

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