Remothered: Broken Porcelain Walkthrough

Remothered: Broken Porcelain Walkthrough


Look around in the first room. Go to the mirror at the far end. You can find two bottles of different liquids on the left and right. Go back to where you appeared and open the small door on the right.

Go around the table and go to the barricade in the corridor. Next to a wooden pallet is a collectible – a milk carton with information about the missing girl (Carminella Santi).

After the introduction, sit in the chair opposite the man, and then follow the servant. Once in your room, watch the video. You can pick up a moth-shaped key in the bathroom. The same one is on the pedestal in the main room. Search all crates. Find a collection – a hotel brochure on the curbstone to the left of the room door. Read the note under the door (another collectible).

By the way, don’t try to pick up all the knives, shovels and other weapons. You can have at most one item as a weapon!

Bend down and walk behind her. Directly behind Andrea, there is a curbstone against the wall, and on it lies a collectible – a letter from Andrea 1. Walk around the corner and examine the phone on the wall to the left. Examine the collectible – a list of phone numbers. Try using the phone, but it won’t work. The phone needs a key to work!

Go through the door with the EXIT sign and look at the photograph of Mephistophiles on the stand on the left (collectible). Move to the end of the corridor. Don’t go down. Go through the door and enter the room on the left. This is a laundry room. Go to the end of the room and wait until the light bulb explodes. Andrea will enter the room and start the wash. Look into the washing machine to find the key. By doing this, you will see the lights turn off. Andrea will enter the room. Quickly hide in a locker nearby until she found you.

To be continued…

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