Walkthrough Outriders - Action Guide 2021

Outriders Walkthrough – Action Guide 2021


Outriders is a sci-fi looter shooter in which you control a Trailblazer – a man endowed with supernatural powers


Watch the video and create your character. Then a new cut-scene will start.

A brief background is as follows: 80 years have passed since humans left the Earth. About 65 years ago, the Earth stopped communicating, as predicted. Now EAC (Earth Alliance of Colonists) is forced to figure out if life is possible on the planet Enoch. The Pioneers will learn about this, and you will play as one of them. However, in fact, the first Pathfinders have already been killed, so Captain Jack Tanner hired you as a mercenary.

Walkthrough Outriders - Action Guide 2021
Walkthrough Outriders – Action Guide 2021


Watch a lengthy introductory video.

Follow Captain Tanner

Use the TAB key to track targets. Captain Jack will not leave the field of view, but in the future this key will definitely come in handy. Climb the slope and jump over a couple of logs using the CTRL key. Eventually, the target will update.

Mark the location of the Pioneer camp

Go to the indicated location and hold E to place the banner of the Earth Alliance of Colonists. The goal will end.

Explore the camp

In fact, you do not need to inspect anything. Just wait for Tanner to talk to everyone, and then call the main character.

Talk to Tanner

Go to Tanner and talk about everything. The phrases promoting the plot are highlighted with “asterisks”. Before choosing such options, be sure to click through the rest in order to get to know the characters, the world around them, and lore in general.

Talk to Yakub about the weapon check

Walk on the marker and listen to Yakub. Go through the different options and tell them it’s time to practice.

Hide behind the boxes

Approach the boxes and press “Space” to find yourself in cover.

Get tested

Use RMB to look out of cover and shoot with LMB. When necessary, reload on R. You don’t have to shoot at the tanks, but be sure to finish off the three fighters that appeared after. Switch to secondary weapons (pistols) by holding down the Q key. Shoot the enemies in the same way as you did in the case of the main weapon (RMB + LMB). After that, switch back to your main weapon by holding Q. Perform the last actions.

Talk to Shira

Go to Shire Gutmann and select all the dialog options. Then agree to take action.

Find the probe

Go to the specified location, tracing the path with TAB. Wait out the pack and then go forward. Hide behind cover on the “Space”. While looking at another cover, hold down the “Space” so that the hero will automatically run over to it. The creature will still hide, but you can extract information from the probe. Then return to Tanner and the others. Watch the video.


Find the second probe

Move forward until you find a clearing where the video will start.

Kill the wild creature

Shoot at the enemy, and when he gets close, use W, A, S, D and CTRL to dodge. Alternatively, double-click on the listed keys. After the victory, go upstairs and watch the video. Run away from the storm while dodging the red highlighted areas. If such an area appears directly in front of you, slow down and wait for a lightning strike, and then continue on your way. Watch the video.

Walkthrough Outriders - Action Guide 2021
Walkthrough Outriders – Action Guide 2021

Chase Maxwell

Now you need to show everything that you trained at the beginning of the game. Stay behind cover and shoot at enemies. After defeating everyone, search the chest to get a Tanner rifle. Click on I to open your inventory and equip a new rifle as it is better than the previous one. Keep moving and shoot back from opponents. If someone throws a grenade, its range is highlighted in red. Get to Maxwell, defeat him and interact when he is stunned. Watch several lengthy videos.


Now you will be prompted to choose a class for your character. There are four different Outriders classes in total:

  • Technomancer
  • Pyromancer
  • Trickster
  • Destroyer

Please note that you cannot change your selection.

Cross the battlefield

Move forward, hide in cover and shoot back from enemies. Behind the first battlefield on the right is an ammo box. Use these boxes to restore ammo supplies. There is another container on the hill with a rusty sniper rifle. Pick it up and switch by pressing Q (holding down the same key allows you to pick up pistols). Shoot enemies from below and cross the battlefield. In the end, you will face a new type of enemies – the Cremators. Stay away from them. I tried to aim at their heads and use a sniper rifle. If you see the enemy accelerating, run away.

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