Walkthrough Nancy Drew Midnight in Salem

Walkthrough Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem


Read the walkthrough Nancy Drew Midnight in Salem.

Find Book of Apologies

At the beginning of the game, select the difficulty level. We went through the Junior Detective, but we will add solutions to riddles at the “Senior Detective” in the passage.

See cut scene.

Double-click LMB to go forward and open the window. Clamp RMB, you can take a look around. Move the cursor to the edge of the screen and click LMB to rotate.

There is the book Malleus Maleficarum on the left. You can read it. You find Psalm 55: 1 on shelves under the window. Interact with the door to chat with Dr. Hirst.

Search Sewall’s desk

Stand facing the window, turn right and remove the sheet from Judge Sewall’s laid table. Come closer and study the letter lying on top. View the image of people inside the table and interact with the flashlight. The secret department will open. Behind it is a keyhole, but you do not have a key. Examine the right side of the table. There is a small button on the wall below. Click on it to get the key. Open it so that it follows the shape of the keyhole.

Open the table drawer.

There is a simple mini-game in the right drawer: move the cube along the maze into the upper left hole. As soon as it falls, the left drawer will open. You will find the desired book. Book is locked up. You can chat with your father and Ned, and then go outside. You will hear the doctor Hirst.

Answer the phone Deirdre. Soon, Nancy will discover how a mysterious stranger steals a book and escapes from a building. Go outside and move to another part of the castle.

Cath the Thief / Inspect the area

Follow the gate to the bridge, and when you jump, then move forward. The thief will disappear. Inspect the place where he stood. You will find a piece of the flight ticket from Vienna to Boston (October 28) and a W-shaped key (extended). You will receive the achievement AW. Answer Deirdre‘s phone again.

After a long cut-scene, you will be at home at Deirdre. Talk to the girl sitting by the window. Go from the kitchen to the opposite room and talk with Mei. However, she is not configured to communicate. Turn left and see bookshelves. Take out a can of rust-proof liquid (Rust-B-Gone). There is a wicker basket under these shelves. Look into it and find pieces of a torn note. Gather them together:

Walkthrough Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem
Walkthrough Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem

You will receive the Creepy Message achievement. Climb to the second floor, go to the open room on the right and take the Teegan’s photo from the stand on the right hand. You can examine it in the inventory to see Coven’s signature. Leave the house through the main door and answer the bell Ned. Turn around as Deirdre stands behind Nancy. But first, pick up the lighter on the left (on the porch). Get in the car.

Talk to Judge Danforth / Open Judge’s Door

Upon arrival, pick up the phone. Nancy will write Teegan. Go to the square and see a woman named Olivia who uses the same smoke as the book thief. Opposite Olivia is a crowd of protesting people. Enter the city hall, at the door of which they are located.

Go left and enter the open office to meet Alicia. Move to the office opposite, in the right wing, and interact with the door to chat with the judge. Return to Alicia and chat with her again. You will receive a paper clip. Follow Judge Danforth’s door and use a paperclip on it. Number the parts of the lock from left to right from “1” to “5” and slide them in the following order: 4, 5, 3, 1, 2. Go inside and talk with Danforth.

Talk to Teegan into Museum

Go outside and go forward to the left of Olivia. A door in front leads to the Salem Museum. Go inside. Chat with Teegan, who is standing behind the counter on the left. You will receive a Tour ticket. Go to the bookshelves to the left of Teegan and get the book The Salem of Yesterday with one of them (on the left).

Go on the witch tour / Visit Witch tour spots

Go outside and follow to Olivia. Apply a Tour Ticket on it to get a tablet. Look to the left, go to the fenced road and apply a tablet on it. You will hear Olivia’s comments. Return to the museum; examine the mannequin of a woman standing in the center. Read the text on the tablet below and apply the tablet on it. Look at the wall with a large poster on the right, which shows the names of the missing people. Use a tablet on it.

Go to the street, take a couple of steps forward from the museum and look to the right. Enter the Salem cemetery. Take two steps forward and go left. Turn right to the first grave of the judge and apply a tablet on it. Go to the statue of a woman with children in the center. On the side, there is an inscription. Use a tablet on it. Then continue to inspect this monument and on the side wall on the right, click on the abbreviation AW. It was the same on the book!

Go left of the statue and see the Hathorne House sign. Use a tablet on it. Take a couple of steps to the right and look right at the statue of a praying woman. Apply a tablet on it (or a raven plate).

If you visited all the places that we described and used a tablet on them, then it should disappear, and the goal should be updated.

Try talking to Mei again / Talk to Deirdre

You will receive the Welcome to Salem achievement. Go back to the car and drive home. After talking with Deirdre in the car and the house, go right and chat with Mei again. Then you will need to talk again with Deirdre (on task).

Search Hathorne House for clues

Go to the cemetery. Once inside its territory, go straight past the sign Hathorne House. Talk with Frank Hardy. Examine the scarecrow and go left. Deirdre will write. Talk with her. Keep going forward and find yourself at the burnt house. Talk with Lauren Holt. Watch the video. You will receive the achievement Curse not the darkness. After talking with Deirdre, answer Joe Hardy’s call.

Help with breakfast

The next day, go downstairs and go to the kitchen, where Mei and the Hardy brothers will already be. Turn left and examine the countertop to the left of the kitchen sink. You will see the recipe. Cook. You need to put in the bowl the right ingredients in the right amount (by choosing a suitable spoon):

  • One cup of flour.
  • One cup of cornmeal.
  • Two large spoons of sugar (blue bowl).
  • A large spoon of baking powder.
  • A teaspoon of salt.

Next, knead the dough:

  • A portion of ghee.
  • A serving of nutmeg.
  • Two servings of vanilla sugar.
  • A portion of milk.
  • Two eggs.
  • At the end, click on mixer.

Next, you will need to turn the pancakes at the moment when they start to smoke. Everything is simple! From this moment, you can interact with the kitchen table to cook any food. Chat with everyone at the dinner table. Go to Mei and talk to her about different topics. Get in the car.

Get a key to the Hathorne House

In the square, enter the store on the right, where Loren is selling, whom you met at the burnt house. Talk to her about different topics. Study the book that lies behind Lauren (along with other items). Exit the store and move towards the cemetery. Hardy brothers will write to you.

Chat with all available characters:

  • Teegan in Museum
  • Lauren in her shop on the right in the square
  • Olivia in the gift shop next to the museum (small door on the right)
  • Judge at City Hall (Jackson will be his guest)
  • Alicia

It is necessary to talk on all topics. And) you will receive the same key to the house of Hathorne from Alicia (the left office in the city hall).

Search Hathorne House for clues (part 2)

Now that we have the key, we can explore Hathorn’s house. Once again, follow the cemetery and go deep into the forest to the left of the sign Hathorne House. Go past the scarecrow to the burnt house. The front door is closed. There is a red crowbar on the ground to the right of the door.

Use a key on the door. Nancy will say that the door is sagging. Substitute a crowbar under it, and then apply the key. Come inside.

Go to the right room. Examine the cabinet in the corner. Turn around and see a mirror. Examine the mirror and click on the white branch shown on the cabinet. Turn to the cabinet itself and click on the bottom of the right door. You will find a secret compartment with a letter from Frances Tuttle.

Inspect the jacket

Go out into the corridor and take the new blue jacket on the right. Open it in your inventory by clicking RMB and examine the inside pocket on the left. Examine the business card, expand it and study the inscription on the back. It belongs to Olivia.

Get permission for further investigation

Go to the door of Alicia and look to the right. You will see a trellis that blocks the path to the archive. You will receive the corresponding task. Go to the judge and ask for permission. But he will say that the case is not disclosed to the public. Exit his office and call his father, Carson Drew. After a couple of seconds, retype it. He will say that he agreed with the judge. Talk with the judge and get permission.

Investigate break-in at court house / Gather alibis for the book theft / Gather alibis for the arson

Receive the permission from the judge, turn around and examine the curbstone with documents and books in the corner (to the right of the window). Look at the books and find a note with the code from the archive – 0815. Inspect the broken window and bars. Examine the desk with the computer on the left and pick up a list of evidence from it. Next, inspect the evidence boxes at the opposite wall. You need to examine all the empty boxes and apply a list of evidence on them to understand what evidence is missing. Open lockers 6, 11, and 18 and apply the list of evidence found on a nearby table. Turn around and interact with the CCTV camera that hangs above the doorway. You will receive the achievement Investigate everything. Then go to the judge and talk to him about the tapes and everything else. If you interrogated all the other characters, you will receive the achievement Investigate Everyone. You will automatically return home. Next, you have to play for Frank.

Play for Frank Hardy

Hunt for ghosts

Walk towards the gates of the cemetery and, standing two steps away from them, you will see how the device works. Just combine the two amplitudes – green and red, turning the toggle switches at the bottom of the device. This is easy to do. Then walk around in a circle and find the second point. The third point is under the tree to the left of Joe. When you combine the amplitudes of the tree, you will find a strange device on it.

Look for fakery clues in forest

Move into the forest towards the house of Hathorne (to the left of the sign in the cemetery). Go ahead and stop at the first fork. Follow the left, to the fallen tree, and study the ropes with hooks on the tree on the left. Go back and go to the opposite side of the fork. There is a spotlight on the left, and you find a plate of powder on the right. Finally, move straight from the fork and examine the pumpkin head with a candle inside. Frank will talk with Joe, and the task will be updated.

Search Olivia’s shop

Leave the forest and cemetery and you will automatically get to Olivia’s store. Go to the table and you will find a sheet with mysterious symbols in its right part. Right click on it in the inventory. Expand the sheet and study the pattern of the graves.

Follow the map

Go to the cemetery, find the two graves marked on the map, and find the right one according to their location, where something is buried. In order not to get lost, enter the cemetery, take two steps forward and turn right. After two steps, look to the right and find the black tombstone of Samuel Sewall. Tear out a bush and you will find a box with evidence. Inspect it to start the puzzle.

How to Decrypt Olivia’s note

You have 5 lines. At the beginning of each is given a hint. For example, in the first it is the letters H and O and the symbol of the “vertical line and three stripes perpendicular to it.” Rotate the inner ring with the Greek letters so that the letter O coincides with the “vertical line and three perpendicular stripes.” Then turn the inner circle so that the letter O matches the letter H. That is, now all three characters from the tooltip in the same row.

Next, click on the button at the bottom right of Select Letters. Now you can’t rotate the rings, but you can choose the letters. See the first line and choose a sequence of three characters that ends with the first character of the line. This will be the letter R. The result should be the phrase RESTOCK WANDS. If you do not want to bother, then after the first setup, select the Latin letters in this order.

Next, you will need to make additional settings for another four lines. Everywhere is missing the first letters. And here they are:

  • V and the phrase GROCERY SHOPPING
  • M and the phrase INVENTORY JUST DO IT
  • K and the phrase CAT MAINTENANCE
  • GET Stock from L (we missed the desired letter, but you need to adjust two plates, and then make the first character coincide with the letter G.

Then chat with everyone, including Olivia. Decide who to blame. We have chosen a neutral, lower phrase. You will receive achievement “It’s right there”.

Play for Nancy

Plan over Breakfast

Chat with friends while having breakfast.

View CCTV Footage

Go to the judge in the city hall and ask him for a recording from the surveillance cameras. Receive the flash drive, go to the evidence room and insert it into the computer. You need to study several surveillance cameras and copy the necessary frames for every second, starting from 00:00 and ending at 00:15. That is, you should have one frame for every minute of recording from 00 to 15. You are interested in Jackson, who enters the city hall, goes to the men’s room, and a disguised person comes out of there. He went into the evidence room and through the hall reached the back exit, and then disappeared into the car.

The following sequence should turn out:

  1. Outside 00:00
  2. Entrance 00:01
  3. Hallway 00:02
  4. Men’s Room 00:03
  5. Men’s Room 00:04
  6. Men’s Room 00:05
  7. Men’s Room 00:06
  8. Hallway 00:07
  9. Evidence Room 00:08
  10. Evidence Room 00:09
  11. Hallway 00:10
  12. Entrance 00:11
  13. Outside 00:12
  14. Outside 00:13
  15. Outside 00:14
  16. Outside 00:15

If everything is done correctly, then Nancy will inform about it. You will receive achievement Observant.

Find a Salem Map to Compare with the Waterworks Map

To take this task, go to Alicia’s office the city hall on the left. She is not, because the girl is with the judge. Examine the desk, open the dark cardboard box and examine the document. Under it, you find a transparent paper with a diagram and a mark. Need a map. This one hangs on the left wall in a room with evidence that was robbed by an unknown person (in the same city hall). Go there and look at the map. Rotate the circuit so that the red circle is on the left and the circuit itself is horizontal. Combine it with Judge Hathorne’s home, located in the upper right, above the large building of the Salem Museum. The paper should be highlighted in orange. If this happens, just click on it with LMB.

Interview Ghost Witnesses

Chat with Olivia and Lauren. When you exit the store, Loren will talk with you Deirdre. Examine the red car to the left of the entrance to the city hall and talk with Jackson. From him, you will learn that this car belongs to Alicia Cole. Alicia is still with the judge, so she won’t be able to interrogate her. Go to the cemetery and talk with Joe and Frank about what they managed to find out.

Find Source of Ergot Poisoning

Move into the forest and examine the scarecrow. From the right sleeve (on the screen – the left) take out a piece of flyer. However, this item, like rosemary, is not relevant to the investigation. To pick a green rosemary bush, go forward through the forest to the first fork. A path to the left leads to a fallen tree, however you need to take a step forward and only then turn left. Here, behind the tree, is rosemary.

Go to the judge’s house. There is Lauren’s house on the left. Go up to it to study the grass at the nearest corner. Standing at the front door, take two steps to the left and look down to the right. There will be a piece of grass in the shape of a rectangle. Move it aside, try to turn the valve, but it rusted. Apply a spray can of anti-rust, which was found at the very beginning of the game. Then rotate it and pull ergot out of the hole. You will earn the achievement Ergo Ergot.

Find Clues about Mei’s Disappearance

Go to the room to the left of the entrance, where Mei usually sat. Examine the chair and move the pillow under which you can find Mei’s phone. Examine it to find out that she corresponded with Jackson.

Search Jason’s Car

Leave the house and see Jason. Chat with him. Look into the glove compartment of Jason’s car and find a ticket there for the Boston – Vienna flight. Chat with Jason about everything.

Open up Way into Tunnels

You will meet Joe and Frank again at the cemetery. Examine the statue on the right, which depicts two women and a child. Click on the woman who raised her hand up. The main character will say that she needs light. Go to Olivia’s gift shop and talk with the woman. She will give a photo. There is a lamp on her desk, on the right side. Interact with it. Nancy will ask for a lamp. Return to the cemetery and apply the lamp to the woman who raised her hand. You will receive the achievement Open Seasam. Talk to Deirdre.

Find Mei

Interact with the slightly open hatch to the right of the statue to go down into the tunnels. The correct path will be displayed on the phone. At the first fork, you need to turn left; the second letter W. Choose the next path depending on the sequence on the phone. In the end, you’ll play again for Frank.

Play for Frank

Follow the AW carvings

Move through the cave, choosing different routes. If you get into a dead end, just turn around and take the other road. In the end, you will find a staircase that leads to a locked door. Study it.

Get to Deirdre

Examine the pieces of the figure on the table on the right. Use LMB, you can swap two different parts. Then clamp LMB to check compatibility. If at least one part is in the right place, it will come closer to the center. The rest will come next. Do not touch this part anymore and swap others. Everything is quite simple. Collect the figure; insert it into the hole on the door. Come inside and help Deirdre.

Solve pressure plate puzzle

Now you need to solve the next puzzle. There is a book with the necessary information on the table. It must be combined with a letter addressed to Lauren (you found it in a burnt house, inside the closet). You should click on two regular plates in each ring, and the order matters. Here is the solution:

  • Yule / Litha
  • Leo / Taurus
  • 02-02 / 10-31
  • Two triangles with stripes (first left, then right)
Walkthrough Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem
Riddle in the Tunnels Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem

You will get the achievement Family for solving the puzzle.

Inspect the small house

Inspect the house. Slide the entrance porch and chimney, look under the roof (where the part moved) and tilt the table to find the button. Click on it and pick up another letter of Francis Tuttle.

Play for Nancy

Find Book of Apologies

Meanwhile, Nancy discovered Mei. Chat with her on different topics. Turn around and on the opposite wall (which Mei is looking at), tear off a large light poster to left part. There is a niche with caskets behind it. Learn them. This is a puzzle. You need to arrange the boxes so that they correspond to the grooves or bulges on all sides. The screenshot below shows the correct combination:

Walkthrough Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem
Solving Drawer Riddle in Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem

Escape from Tunnels

After the video, you will need to leave the tunnels. Move through the tunnels, choosing different routes. If you are at a dead end, turn around and go the other way. Everything is quite simple. Once in a separate room, you will receive the achievement A narrow escape.

Light up the room

Talk to Mei about different topics. Start the dialogue again and get a lighter. Inspect the barrels. There is a lamp on them. Light it with a lighter. Turn around and light two sets of candles to the left and right of the icon.

Get out of Basement

Turn around and pick up the first thin tablet, which lies next to the lamp. Insert it into the icon. There is a note with the words I am just a shadow under the barrel to the left of the lamp. On the barrel to the right of the lamp is the initials AW. Click on them, and then click on the board a little higher (on the lid of the same barrel) to find a cache with a metal object. Use the note found under the barrel on any candles near the icon. Inspect the pattern that appears on it. The “cross” marks the desired brick. Turn to the wall to the left of Mei. There are two horizontal stripes of bricks – three in each with the initials AW. Use a metal object on the middle brick in the upper strip. A niche will open. Take out a thin tablet from there and install in the icon.

Inspect the icon itself. Hold LMB and move the cursor over the icon to wipe the dust. Now you need to move the side strip so that the left and right to get a symmetrical pattern. The answer is shown in the screenshot below. Firstly, you can close the puzzle on the “cross” in the lower left corner of the screen. In this case, everything will return to its position. Secondly, number the four strips on the right side from left to right from “1” to “4”. Now pull them as follows:

  • № 1 all the way up.
  • № 3 all the way up.
  • № 4 twice up.
  • № 1 once up.
Walkthrough Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem
The riddle with the icon in Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem

The box will open in the hands of an angel, and there will be a slot in it. Insert the key found in Austria. Next, you will communicate with the judge and Alicia. Later, you can choose one of three phrases. For the upper phrase you will be given the achievement Heritage. If you say that you have a book (second line), you will get the achievement Book. If you select the bottom phrase, you will receive the achievement The Will. Thus, before inserting the key, we recommend that you save. In the end, you will need to decide what to do with Teegan:

  • Say that Teegan was to blame for the arson, but she committed it by accident.
  • Or choose the bottom phrase, that she did it on purpose.

You find yourself near the house. Talk to Jackson and Mei, then Deirdre, Teegan, Olivia, Lauren, Mei, Frank and Joe. If you accused Teegan of intentional arson, the girl will not be in the house. However, she will send Nancy SMS. Leave home to complete the walkthrough by watching the final video. You will also receive the achievement Another case solved.

Answers to questions after final credits

As always, after the series final credits, you will have to answer a few questions. If you answer correctly, you will receive the achievement Trivia Tamer. And these are the answers:

  1. What car does Deirdre drive? Green convertible.
  2. Betty Parris ’Father, Samuel Parris, was … a Minister.
  3. Ergot is a type of Fungus.
  4. What’s the name of Teegan’s boyfriend? Damian Faulkner.
  5. What was the symbol Frances Tuttle used to reference Lauren? Laurels.

The End

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