WalkthroughWalkthrough Mafia: Definitive Edition

Mafia: Definitive Edition Walkthrough


Read Full Walkthrough Mafia: Definitive Edition. Choose the difficulty level and other settings. After the introductory video, the first chapter will begin.

An Offer you Can’t Refuse

Paulie and Sammy are in trouble. Drive forward where the markers point. Go to the other side, across the bridge, and then deal with several more cars. Be guided by the white markers on the map. When done, follow the marker to Salieri Bar.

Running Man

In this chapter, everything is very simple: take the first client to the church, and then find a few more passengers, which are marked on the map with white markers. The last client will ask to be delivered to Little Italy. By doing this, you will need to escape from Dino and Lou. Note that markers should appear on the screen indicating where to run. If not, load the last save. After escaping from Morello’s people, you will find yourself in Don Salieri’s bar.

Molotov Party

After the video, you can explore the bar. There is a letter for Salieri (note) on the table in the corner. Go to the main hall. There is a newspaper on the bar counter, and Cigarette Cards (1/22) on one of the tables. Then go to Paulie and drop by Vincenzo. Collect Molotov cocktails, go to the garage and get into the car. Drive to the indicated location. Follow (Paulie) into the alley, duck and get to the gate.

When Paulie says, climb over the gate and climb to the roof on the right. Head down the stairs and stun the unsuspecting guard. Then select the bat and smash the first car. Strike hard to speed up the process. Then deal with the guards who came out, and then finish off the other two cars. You can use Molotov cocktails. You will be chased. White markers will appear on the map again, but this time you will have to go around such sections of the road manually (cut-scenes will not start).

Ordinary Routine

Go to the bar and listen to Salieri. Go outside and go up to Vincenzo. There is a Dime Detective Magazine (1/20) on the table to his left. Take the revolver and cartridges. Follow the steps asked by Winnie. Go downstairs and go to Ralphie’s garage. There is a newspaper on the pallets on the left. After the cut-scene, examine the table on the side of the car. There is a magazine called Black Mask (1/20). In the back room, on the table is a photograph of Ralphie and his mother. Hack the car and then wait for Paulie and Sam.

Get to the first address and enter the bakery. There is a letter from the bank on the merchant’s bench (note). When told to enter the back room, follow through the door. There are Cigarette cards (2/22) on the table on the left. Take the brown envelope from the table near the old woman. Drive to the Chinese shop and then wait for Paulie to deal with Eugene’s nephew. After a while, Paulie will come out, and you can go out of town, to the motel. Paulie and Sam will go inside. Watch the cut-scene.

Go around the motel on the left side. There will be boxes in the back. Climb up them and go inside. Before you can open the door on the first floor, to the back room with Sam, you will have to deal with every gangster. The second floor has a balcony with tables. At the left end, there are Super Science Stories (1/10).

Examine the corridor on the first floor. There will be a pedestal with a campaign leaflet (note). As soon as you finish everyone (the music dies down), go down to the first floor and open the utility room. Only then will the door be active! After the cut-scene, go in pursuit of the enemy who stole the money. Shoot at cars; you have an unlimited amount of ammunition. Don’t forget to use the ram key. Then inspect the car to complete the chapter.

Fair Play

Listen to Don Salieri, and then read the newspaper lying on the table by the side of the bar. Go outside and talk to Ralphie. Open the garage and select any car. There are 36 different cars in the game in total. Bring each of them to the garage to keep the cars in the collection.

Go to the race track and get to the garage together with the guard. Get in the car and take her to Luka’s workshop. After that, go back without drawing attention. Watch the red bar under the timer. The next day you will have to race. And they need to be won! However, the task is not difficult, since the cars will break down every now and then. Watch the video.

Chat with different people at the garages to find out where Paulie went. At the very end is Luka. There is Dime Detective Magazine (2/20) on the table to the right. Go outside and go behind the bus to meet Paulie. Get in your car and take him home.


Move with Sarah to her home. On the way, knock on the door of the apartment, and then get to the next place. A gang of hooligans is waiting for you there. Fight them. Press the dodge key, and attack only after Tommy pushes the enemy away. You can pick up a board or a piece of pipe. Deal with the big man in the same way, and then watch the video.

Better Get Used to It

Go to Winnie’s, grab your weapon and drive (from Ralphie’s workshop) to Chinatown. Walk forward with Paulie and enter Big Biff. But before you go outside, pick up the Dime Detective Magazine (3/20) from the couch in the back room of Biff’s house. Follow Paulie and as you exit the alley, examine the trash can on the left. There are Super Science Stories (2/10) underneath.

Cross the street and knock out the side door. Deal with the first hooligans using a baseball bat. Follow further, having climbed over the fence. The punk will start firing from the cannons. Climb up the stairs to the right of the gate, duck down and shoot at the enemies behind the red barrels. Aim for the barrels themselves, both inside and outside the workshop. Knock out the door and walk along the perimeter. Before going downstairs, examine the white sofa.

There is a box of cartridges and the Black Mask (2/20) on it. Go downstairs and go to the workshop. In the room immediately behind the burning hall, examine the counter on your left hand. It contains Cigarette cards (3/22). Go outside and finish off the remaining enemies. Chase punks in a car. They will crash into a metal tower. Watch the video.

The Saints and The Sinners

Exit the bar and go up to Winnie. Take the bomb off the table and then get into Sam’s car. Drive to the church of St. Mary, and then to the brothel. Go inside, follow the hall on the left and talk to several girls. One of them will say that Michelle is busy (on the second floor). Talk to the bartender. He will tell you that the owner is in the break room. Go there and listen to his speech.

You can return to the lobby and go behind the reception desk to the right. There is a diary (note) and a Dime Detective Magazine (4/20). The magazine is on the table to the left of the administrator who is talking on the phone. You will learn from the diary that Michelle is in room 208.

Go up to the second floor and examine several rooms. In one of them, a guard beats a client. There is the hotel’s business card (note) on the bedside table. Continue exploring the rooms on the second floor. There are Cigarette Cards (4/22) on the bed in an open corner room.

Go up to the third floor. The same card is on the gurney in the front left. Go left and you will find a man in one of the open rooms. He will be unhappy, but you will have to deal with him in order to later look into the bathroom and pick up the Super Science Stories from there (3/10). Look in room 208 and talk to Michelle. Take a note from the manager from the bedside-table. There are cartridges and a rifle in one of the rooms on the third floor.

Go down to the first floor and go to the right, into the lounge with the hotel manager. Shoot him and the other guards. Start going upstairs to the fourth floor (it was previously closed). Go in a circle through the corridors and kill enemies.

Take your time as it is quite easy to die here. After reaching the manager’s office, look into the room on the left. There will be a clown tied to a chair. There is a letter for Morello (note) in the office of the manager, on the table on the right. Also on the far table is a letter for Frank (note). Take the money from the table on the left. After that, place a bomb under the table.

After the video, run away from the cops on the rooftops. Climb the stairs around the corner, use other stairs and climbs. There are usually sheets on those protrusions. You don’t have to be distracted by the cops, but just run around them.

Jump over to the other side, interacting with the stairs on the roof. Climb inside the temple and go to the ceremonial hall. A firefight will begin. There is Dime Detective Magazine (5/20) on the side of the altar. Kill everyone and go to the end of the hall. Open the door and go upstairs. Kill enemies, move forward after Johnny. As soon as you shoot him, the cutscene will begin.

Exit the church (just before the exit, on the bench on the right, look for a Cigarette Cards – 5/22) and shoot the cops. When the path is clear, you sit in the hearse (near the entrance). Hide from the cops and return to Salieri’s bar.

A Trip to the Country

After entering the bar and talking to Luigi, head left. There is a box with a note from Frank (note) at the end of the bar. Go to the garage to meet with Frank. Get in your car and drive to the Salieri warehouse, where Paulie is already waiting for you. Tommy will sit in the passenger seat of his car. After reaching the farm, go forward across the bridge.

There is a newspaper in the building on the right. Move on and find the newspaper clipping in the house on the left. There is Cigarette Cards (6/22) on the table under the awning. Follow on until you find a car. Interact with the driver’s door and then shoot all enemies. Search anybody to see a video.

There is an ambush plan in the building on the left (note). Follow the marker. The nearest barn will be the corpses of Canadians. The next one is enemies. There is one enemy in the room to the right. Disarm him, read the order for the border guard (note). There is a shelving unit opposite. You find Dime Detective Magazine (6/20).

Make your way to the last building and kill two cops. There is an advertisement for the sale of the farm on the table on the left (note). Stock up on bullets and knock down the door to be outside. Fight enemies until you finish the last one, and then enter the building in front. Having found Sam, fight off first from some cops, and then from others. Shoot the red barrels, use the Molotovs. There will be a first aid kit and a box with cartridges nearby. Watch the video.

While Paulie is driving the truck, shoot the cops. Shoot at the drivers. Eventually the truck will get stuck. While Paulie tries to break out of the trap, shoot the cops outside. At the end of the chase, you will have to deal with the armored vehicle. While the enemies are not shooting, attack the cannon on the roof. As soon as it explodes, shoot at the windshield. After you destroy it, throw Molotov cocktails into the salon. Watch the video. Then you will need to return to Sarah. Choose any transport. Go inside and watch the cut-scene.


Listen to Salieri and talk to Vinnie. Walk around the trailer and behind Vinnie find a box with a Dime Detective Magazine (7/20). Drive to Chinatown and chat with Vinnie. Go to the indicated bar and talk to Little Tony. There is a newspaper on the table on the left, and at the end of the bar is the Terror Tales (1/20). Get to the hideout, which is guarded by the FBI. Follow the car until you reach the airport.

Park your car, then climb over the small fence (normal road is blocked) and walk forward. Go inside through the side (left) airport door, deal with the enemy and go through the door on the left. On the counter there is a note (note) from which you will find out where Frank is being taken. Go outside, having dealt with the enemy, and overhear the conversation. Soon Frank will be taken away, and you need to chase him to hangar 5. Move through the buildings on the left. Enemies will disperse, so you can easily deal with each.

Go to the bank and get the documents from the safe deposit box. On the way to the cells, find Super Science Stories (4/10) on the right hand.

Visiting Rich People

After talking with Salieri, get into the car with Salvatore and drive to the house of attorney Watkins. Climb over the fence and deal with the guards. Use only covert attacks from behind and be guided by markers in the form of white triangles with black exclamation points. Eliminate all enemies; you will hear the corresponding comment from Tommy. In addition, there is a Terror Tales (3/20) on one of the sun loungers by the pool in front of the entrance.

Find Salvatore, and then enter the house with him. He will tell you that the safe is hidden behind the painting. There is a cheap magazine (8/20) on the ground floor, in one of the rooms in the left wing and in the far right room there is a Cigarette Cards (7/22). Also in the left rooms you can find a newspaper and a propaganda leaflet. Go up to the second floor and in one of the office find a table with a letter from Gilotti. There will also be a picture with the necessary safe.

After the video, move to the exit and fire back at the enemies. Don’t worry, they won’t touch Salvatore. There is a first aid kit in one of the rooms on the second level. Exit the house and clear the courtyard. When everything is clear, get into any car and hide from the cops. Take Salvatore home.

Great Deal

Drive your car to the indicated parking lot. Once you arrive, go up to the top floor and chat with the whiskey supplier. Then you will need to accompany the car and, go down to the first floor, kill Morello’s people. The first floor will be the first opponents. Go down even lower to stumble upon fire (after the explosion of cars). We need to put it out.

There is a door on the right. Go through it, go along the technical corridor and kill the enemy. This will bypass the fire and reach the valve. Turn it to put out the fire. There is the Terror Tales (2/20) on the table next to the valve. Continue go down. I recommend throwing a couple of grenades on a floor with many cars. Inspect the guard’s booth and take a Dime Detective Magazine (9/20) from there. Approach the truck for Sam to ask to follow him. Follow the truck and shoot at enemy cars. After breaking away, get to the Salieri warehouse. The task is completed.

Bon Appetite

Take Don Salieri to his favorite restaurant and watch the video. When Morello’s people will appear, you head to the back door. There is the Fantastic Terror Tales (4/20) in the next room (kitchen). Deal with the enemies outside, go out onto the road and finish off the remaining targets. When you have done this, go to Carlo’s house and chase the mole. Once he is stumped, you will have a few seconds to finish off Carlo. Otherwise, the task will fail.

Happy Birthday

Enter the bar and go up to the second floor to listen to Salieri and Vincenzo’s plan. Drive to the designated location where the birthday party is being held. Arriving there, go forward and left to the distant building. Sam will be there. But before you approach him, go up the porch on the left and pick up a Dime Detective Magazine (10/20). Listen to Sam, enter the building and find the Cigarette Cards (8/22) on the bar on the right. Go to the toilet and find a stunned sailor in one of the cabins.

Go to the deck where people are dancing. There is the party schedule on one of the tables. Go to the other side, use the door and find the cabin where the letter from Morello lies (note). Go down one deck below and find a door that can be opened. It’s a kitchen. There is the Terror Tales (5/20) on one of the tables. Go down to the lower deck and go to the back room. This is the engine room. Chat with the cleaner and take the key. Climb to the deck above, deal with the sailor and get the revolver.

Now you need to find a place with a good view. Move to the upper deck, enter the wheelhouse and go upstairs to the helm. Exit through the door, but don’t rush to the end of the deck. Instead, look at the port side (next to the same wheelhouse) for a Dime Detective Magazine (11/20). When the fireworks start, you will need to shoot Gilotti, and then go down to the lower deck and jump over the side into Sam and Paul’s motor boat. There will be many enemies along the way.

You Lucky Bastard

After watching the introductory video, enter the room to the left of the stairs (on the second floor). There is a photograph of the “Family” in the far left corner. Also you find Cigarette Cards (9/22) in the far right corner. Drive to Sergio’s house. Go through the gate to the right of the car, and before climbing over the fence, pick up the Terror Tales (3/20) lying in the corner. Having done this, climb over the fence and place the explosives under the car. Move back and go to the phone booth.

Get in your car and drive to the diner. Upon arrival, finish off the guards. There is Dime Detective Magazine (12/20) on one of the tables in the main diner hall (closer to the counter). Climb outside and then chase Sergio on the motorcycle. Here you do not need to kill or catch up with anyone. Just move as carefully as possible, keeping up with the enemy’s car. In this case, do not get too close, otherwise opponents will open fire on you. Eventually you will reach the pier.

Start moving forward, shooting back at opponents. There will be a sniper on the building ahead. When you kill him, go upstairs and take a sniper rifle. Finish off all the enemies behind the bridge. Cross the bridge and kill the enemies who arrived in the truck. You can find ammunition and a Cigarette Cards (10/22) in the garages on the right hand. A lot of shootouts await you. Almost everyone will have a sniper. Having reached the locked warehouse, go up to the switchman’s booth and start the car. After breaking through the door, clear the warehouse and finish off Sergio.

Crème de la Crème

Listen to Salieri, and then drive to the theater with Paulie and Sam. Once you arrive, start chasing Morello and shooting at enemy cars. The chase will be long, but in the end you will reach the warehouses. Move through them and kill opponents. Look for Cigarette Cards (11/22) next to the Morello’s car. Continue and go inside the hangar. Deal with everyone, but do not rush to open the gate. Instead, find a Dime Detective Magazine on the left (13/20).

Go outside, get into the car. Now is going to be a difficult episode. You need to shoot from a machine gun at two engines. And you need to destroy both before Morello can hide. And then follow the plane and watch where the plane will fall. Get to it and watch the video.

Election Campaign

Watch the video and then go to Vinnie for the rifle. Get in your car and drive to the old prison. Arriving at the place, climb over the fence to the left of the gate and move through the gap to the right, after talking with the person. When you see a psycho behind bars, who says that you cannot get through, climb over the partition on the left and lower the switch. The grate will open. Find a couple more of these gratings that open with switches (use the green marks on the walls).

Deal with the two enemies in the dining room and jump over the partition on the right. Climb up to the ledge with a green mark. After leaving the room, enter the adjacent room to the left. There will be Dime Detective Magazine (14/20). Climb up the stairs to the observation tower and shoot the politician.

Try to hide from the tower. Tommy will fall down. Knock out the door and follow on. Open the left door at the end of the corridor and in the room on the left you will find the Terror Tales. Jump down, you will find yourself in a corridor with several cameras and cops. There will be a Cigarette Cards (12/22) in one of the chambers on the left lane. Then there will be a long way to the exit from the old prison. At first you can act covertly, however, sooner or later, you will be spotted, and you will have to shoot. Pick up the weapon from the killed cops.

In one of the places, you will need to open the grate by pulling the switch in the next room. Clear the yard and then jump into the nearest car. Your task is to hide from the cops. You don’t even need to get in the car. Run diagonally forward and to the left. Turn left and you will see a small wooden building in the alley. If the cops didn’t run after you, then you can hide in it. When the chase ends, return to Tommy’s house.

Just for Relaxation

Watch the video and exit the bar courtyard. Drive around the area until a marker appears pointing to the truck. Sit inside it and follow to Paulie and Sam. Watch the video.

Move along the building, climb the boxes with white rags and follow the left. Jump down and move between the boxes and workers. Go upstairs and enter the spacious warehouse. Get rid of the guard on top and look around 3-4 rooms. In one of them you will find a document indicating that the cigar boxes are in sector D2.

There is a Dime Detective Magazine (15/20) in one of the offices, and in the other – a Cigarette Card (13/22). Get out and go inside another warehouse. This is the D2 sector. Deal with the cops on the upper bridge, go down the far right staircase and examine several boxes. The desired one will be located next to the exit door. Paulie and Sam are behind it. Open the door for them and watch the video.

Now you need to get out of the area. Move along the roads to avoid obstacles with police cars and police cars themselves. There will always be a detour. Once you get out of the area, you will drop the cops. Go to Salieri’s warehouse and watch the video.


Once in the bank, go up and chat with the manager. Aim at him so that he goes to the vault. Follow him, go downstairs, kill the guards and look into the room on the left. There is a first aid kit and a Cigarette Card (14/22). Having done this, you get out of the bank by killing opponents. Get into the car and throw off your pursuers. Eventually, the mission will be completed (when you arrive at the Palermo club).

The Death of Art

Drive to the indicated location and enter Paulie’s apartment. Watch the video. Go to the gallery and watch another cut scene. Go upstairs, but don’t rush. Kill enemies, follow through the corridors. Behind the door, look left to find the Terror Tales, then continue driving.

In the library with the globe, take your time to knock down the door, but instead search the far table to get a Cigarette Card (15/22). Move even further. There will be another Terror Tales in one of the rooms. Keep moving until you get to Sam. In the end, you will fight him one on one. But take your time. Get close to him and attack him when he starts recharging. Watch a lengthy final video.

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