Location of Essences of Health and Strength in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Location of Essences of Health and Strength in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


During the passage of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you will occasionally find unique essences that permanently increase the supply of Strength and health points. Usually they are located in secret locations.

You will have to find three of these essences to get another improvement. In principle, this system is practically no different from what we saw in God Of War and Legend of Zelda. On each planet there are 2-3 essences of each type. You will need to unlock certain skills, and then return to the planets again to open new routes. Those objects that were red in color when they visit the planet with the necessary strength will turn yellow.

Bogano: essences of health and strength

Essence of Strength. Use the slowdown on the rotor blades to get into a room where there are other screws on the floor and walls. This is to the right of the second point of meditation. Slow down the screws from the bottom and get to the dashboard with an echo and essence.

The essence of health. If you go to the right of the room with screws, you will find yourself in a cave, behind which there is an additional boss. On easy difficulty, you can defeat him right now, but if you play at a higher level, then come back later. After winning, you can pick up the item.

The essence of health. From the underground shelter, go along the path to a narrow passage that you need to overcome. Jump up, turn around and run along the walls. Jump on the vines to get into the hidden niche.

Essence of Strength. In an abandoned workshop, climb the vines from the water and use the Scomp Link from BD-1 (unlocked later) to unlock the door. There is the upgrade on the other side.


Essence of Strength. At the Imperial Refinery checkpoint, where large spiders battle the stormtroopers (below), go up the slope from where the stormtrooper shoots. There will be a narrow opening leading to the essence and optional boss.

The essence of health. Climb the path connecting the ShadowLands and the Overground Pass. Push the pipe to create a short cut. It is located right behind the room with the soldier-cleaner and other enemies guarding the prison block from Wookiee.

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