Location All postcards in Mafia: Definitive Edition

Location All Post Cards in Mafia: Definitive Edition


Postcards are one of the collectibles in the action game Mafia: Definitive Edition. But they differ significantly from the same magazines or cigarette cards. Here’s why.

The point is that you will receive all 5 postcards in the same place – in Luke Burton’s workshop, which is located in the North Park area. It is so marked on the map. Talk to Luka, who is waiting for Tommy inside. If you have passed the game (that is, you need to do it in the “Free Ride” mode) or, at least, the task in which Tommy participates in the races, then Luka will decide to thank the hero, saying that he knows where to look for several secret racing cars.

Where to Find All Postcards in Mafia: Definitive Edition

Location All postcards in Mafia: Definitive Edition
Location All postcards in Mafia: Definitive Edition

Go to the table, near which Luka will stand, and look at the board. Interact with each of the five postcards to add them to your inventory. It’s that simple!

Each postcard can be viewed in the inventory. Be sure to read the message on the back of the card to find out what it is about. Each postcard points to one of five locations. And if you want to find racing cars, then you have to visit each.

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