How to Unlock Ballistazooka in Mortal Shell

How to Unlock Ballistazooka in Mortal Shell


Mortal Shell has 4 melee weapons and one firearm. Below we will tell you how to get the Ballistazooka – a ranged weapon.

This is the only ranged weapon available in the game. You will also need heavy bolts to fire the Ballistazooka. They can be found in chests, when you kill enemies, or bought from a merchant at the top of Fallgrim Tower. However, they are not cheap – 800 Tar each.

Either way, you have to buy tools before you can shoot the Ballistazooka. You need – 8000 Tar. Once done, go to the workbench and unlock the Ballistazooka. You can pick it up or hide it in your inventory by pressing Caps Lock. Ballistazooka is a powerful weapon.

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