How to raise the trust factor in CS:GO


What is the trust factor and how to raise it ?! We do color damage in the console to your taste Setting the hand position in CS: GO

How to find out your trust factor and how to raise it.

Previously, there was no way to see your trust factor, now this has changed. Next, we do everything point by point:

1. Copy the link to your profile (for example – fResh_gg)

2. Go to the website

3. Paste the link to your profile and click “Search”

You will receive general information on your profile, the bar above it is your Trust Factor.

Hover over it to find out the level in numbers: 1.0 – very bad, 15 – perfect.

By strip color:

  • Green – Excellent
  • Yellow – Normal
  • Red – Poor

If you are not satisfied with your trust factor, the following are ways to raise it:

1. Connect to your Steam Guard account

2. Share your profile

3. Evaluate skins in the workshop

4. Don’t miss game locks in other games (don’t play with cheats)

5. Watch the patrol (from 150+ games) and give the correct verdict (the more often you watch, the higher the trust)

6. Remove from friends users with VAK ban and game blocking

7. Ask your friends or teammates to like you in the game (commend) and put them yourself

8. Give information to voice chat, not text

9. Do not quarrel and do not insult players (so as not to catch reports)

10. Do not kick your own people and certainly do not shoot at them

11. Increase the level of incentives (buying cards, creating badges)

12. Diversify your profile, write name, country (if not selected)

13. Add more friends

14. Like the guides (I ALSO IF POSSIBLE)

15. Activity in incentive (comments to friends, comments in manuals)

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