How to open Shelby Cross' hideout in Weird West

How to open Shelby Cross’ hideout in Weird West


From this article you will learn where to find all 3 levers from Shelby’s room in Weird West, how to kill Shelby

Read the note, which is located in one of the far adits of the quarry. The note talks about three levers. Pay attention to the stone door with the image of a hand and three small steps in front of it. They symbolize three bolts.

  1. From the flooded room, go through the grate that opens with the key to the sanctuary. Immediately turn right after the steps to enter the camera room. There is the first lever in the corner.
  2. When you find the key and lower the bridge to save Alonzo, jump from his detention cell to the ledge on the side wall. Go left along the ledge and look behind the red curtain. Here you will find the second lever.
  3. Finally, return to the flooded adit. Look in the corner on the ledge for the third lever. Climb onto the column nearby and jump with acceleration. To do this, press Shift while jumping.

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