How to Get All Companions in Baldur's Gate 3

How to Get All Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3


This guide is dedicated to each companion you can find in Baldur’s Gate 3. Read about their skills, abilities and locations.

Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 are characters with their own background and origin. At least for now, you can’t choose any of them as the main character. Each companion has its own class, and they all complement the group in different ways.

Each companion is a separate person. He has certain likes and dislikes. And some of them also dislike each other. We will tell you how to find all the companions in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Where to find the Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3?

How to get it: At the end of a beach full of corpses trying to fight their way through the door. Immediately after completing the tutorial prologue.

Class: Cleric (Trickery)

It is a gloomy character, whose trust is extremely difficult to earn. However, she is capable of dealing high damage and healing. It is the companion who wants to achieve a goal and goes directly to it.

As a Cleric, this is a versatile warrior. She has a variety of offensive, healing and empowering spells that can turn the tide of any battle.

This is probably one of the companions that you will want to keep under your wing throughout the game. If you’re trying to make her happy, try not to stray too far from your goal.


Where to find Gale in Baldur’s Gate

How to get: After your first fight with Shadowheart, look for Gale nearby, at the teleportation point.

Class: Wizard (Evocation)

This awkward guy you will want to punch in the face after the first seconds of communication. He behaves like a real villain, but Gale is also an excellent wizard. He has pure attack power and a strange spell that confuses foes.


 How to Get Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3?

He hides from a monster near the site of the first battle after meeting with the Shadowheart

Class: Rogue

You will not have problems with the monster from which the robber is hiding, and as soon as you defeat him, you can take Astarion into the squad. This is a talkative and flirtatious gentleman.

Thanks to his class, he becomes an invaluable companion, capable of conducting covert attacks. Just learn to make the most of the element of surprise! In addition, he can steal from pockets, pick locks, and use his charm in dialogues.


Where to find Lae’Zel in Baldur’s Gate class

How to get it: In a hanging cage, after meeting with Gale.

Class: Fighter

She will help the hero survive sad events, but you cannot immediately force her to join the squad. Until, until you free the heroine from the cage in which she was placed by a couple of Teflings.

As a fighter, she is good at one thing – dealing massive physical damage. As her level up, she will gain many new abilities. She has a rather useful skill “Mage Hand”, which is associated with her race. Use it in battle to push enemies away from a distance.

The main problem is that she considers everyone to be fools. If you constantly disagree with the girl, you will probably make her angry. And if you take her side, you will surely anger the others.


Where to find the Wyll in Baldur’s Gate class

How to get it: At training camp, trains Young Tiefling.

Class: Warlock

You will meet Wyll at the camp at the end of the Goblin Invasion. He will train young Tiefling. This is a powerful sorcerer who uses several demonic abilities. Despite this, he is friendly and noble. Good with a sword, but even better – demonic magic. This makes him a deadly warrior at any distance.

His character makes him prone to noble deeds. If you go against this principle, then he will be disappointed in you. Keep this in mind if you want to maintain a friendly relationship with Wyll.

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