How to Defeat All Bosses in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

How to Defeat All Bosses in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you will encounter different opponents, among whom there will be bosses – various droids and Inquisitors of the Empire who own the Force.

Many of these opponents will give you surprises, but each has its own weaknesses. Using the right abilities of the Force will greatly simplify the battle with these enemies.

AT-ST (Imperial Scout Walker)

The Imperial Scout Walker is the first boss you will encounter in the game. You will see it after clearing the tomb at Zeffo when you go to the ship. That enemy mainly uses long-range weapons: heavy blasters mounted as primary weapons. If you see how the left weapon begins to glow, then know that the enemy intends to throw a grenade. Right weapon uses homing missiles. If you try to attack his legs, the walker will try to trample you. Each foot clap will create a shockwave, throwing Cal back.

To defeat the walker, use a special force that allows you to launch a rocket or grenade back into the boss. The Force Push skill will allow you to inflict heavy damage on a walker, especially when hit by a grenade launcher. Hold the block to automatically reflect the main blaster beams. Or you count the time to fend off these rays back to the boss.

After repelling any attack, the enemy will be temporarily stunned. Run to him as soon as possible, using the push, and hit the legs. Roll back in time to prevent the enemy from crushing Cal. Such attacks will allow you to fill out the Strength scale to reuse existing skills.

Security droid

Try to free Wookiee on Kashyyk, you was ambushed by security droid. This optional boss with long arms prefers to use grappling techniques. Evade when he is trying to do this. Another important attack is a blow, which is reflected with the help of a timely delivered block. Sometimes it will be one hit that you must fend off, in other cases – a combo of three hits. Sometimes a combo ends in a non-blocking hit (the boss blushes).

The enemy is susceptible to Slow Force. In the future you will encounter similar opponents, and they will be much easier than this.

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