How to beat final boss in Muck (guide)


Basic guide to help new players!


Okay so first of all you gotta take a rock the fast as you can, look around you for a house or a free chest, that can help you to get things faster. Also PICK EVERY SHROOM YOU SEE.

  • Orange shrooms = Healing
  • Yellow shrooms = Heals the hungry stat
  • Sugon shroom = Heals stamina
  • Slubon shroom (multicolor one) = Every stat

(House pic)

(Free chest pic)

Day 0

Chop 3 trees and then make a work bench + wood axe + wood pickaxe, after that chop 2 more trees and mine 2 more rocks to get a furnance.

You should have coal since you mined rocks but if you dont just put some extra wood you have.
The difference between coal and wood is the speed of the “cooking”.

The next step is mining iron (try mining ATLEAST 5) and putting it in the furnance.

Probably is gonna be night at this step so be ready to PvP!

Tip: When you set a base, try doing it close to the water and press M to show the map and try remembering where your base is.

Tips for fighting

Enemies have a giant hitbox so try hitting them from far. It’s pretty easy once you get it…

For all enemies you can do the same thing.

For the boss I recommend waiting him to jump and then run thowards him to hit two or three times and then step back.


Day 1

At start of day 1 quickly get the sword, once you do that mine iron until you have an iron axe and a iron pickaxe (I recommend getting axe), for this you will need the white wood.

Try opening some chests, items are OP on this game.

DO NOT craft iron armor, if you want to get diamond armor as fast as possible just get the iron pickaxe and go mine some diamonds!!

At the end of this day you should have: Iron sword, Iron axe, Iron pickaxe, and some items from chests.

Tip: If you are waiting search for some gold (only if you have iron pickaxe+)

Day 2

At this time you should focus on getting a full diamond armor, mine ATLEAST 6 diamond ores or 5.

Make yourself a full diamond armor and you are almost ready to fight! For this step you will use ALL the day basically.

At the end of this you should have: Full diamond armor or atleast 3/4.

Remember to open chest, I recommend getting 195 gold, open 1 diamond chest and then 25 gold chest to get a couple items!

(With a full diamond armor + diamond sword we should be able to beat the boss without problems, but you will need healing shrooms for this)

Day 3

Ok now on we gotta focus on getting gold, every gold lingot is = 5 gold coins

With this info we now gonna try mining every gold ore we find! We need to put the gold on the furnance and then go to the anvil > others and click on the coin.

If there no gold ores you can try getting emerald armor or sword (for the emerald sword you will need this type of three)

Day 4 morning

On this day we focus on opening chests with all the gold we got, you can get a legendary on any chest!

Get op and prepare for the battle…

Day 4 night

Time to fight the boss, I wish you luck!

If you followed all of these steps you probably easly win the fight…

A little fact: Boss sometimes spawn on day 5, if it’s the case, try using the time for getting a good emerald sword or a good emerald armor. Getting an adamatite sword (emeral sword) makes the boss fight super easy!

And now yes, good luck!


This is not a perfect guide, this is what I planned while I was playing and I got to round 50+ doing this.


You need to get experience playing the game and you wont get to day 30+ in the first try if you play on normal since you dont have experience, but with this guide you can do things easly!

If you enjoyed please rate this guide and only if you want give points. Hope this helps to everyone to get better at the game.

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