Hiveswap Act 2 Rough Walkthrough



You wake up near a cave, assuming Deercat dragged you there after the explosion.

After the dialogue, go to your right and enter the cave. Xefros will comment on your lack of horns and insist you find a pair before leaving, but leaves a bent spoon as compensation for whatever you take.

Go back outside the cave and click on the traffic cone, Xefros will pick them up, saying that they look like horns. Return to the cave and leave out of the other side on your far right.

Bee Farm

Once you leave the caves you will come across what seems to be a honey/bee farm.

Walk to your right and attempt to exit the area. Xefros will stop you, saying that the forest is dangerous and you need to find soemthing to cover your scent. Examine everything in the outside area (The beehives, the trees, the containers near the house, the stage set up to the right of the house, the well, the gears, the windmill, and the press machine on the far right) Once you’ve inspected everything, click on the door and select ‘go in,’ Zefros will mention, he could open it with his ‘psychics.’

Switch characters to Xefros and use his telekinesis on the door. Go inside. Again use Xefros’ telekinesis on the book on top of the bookcase.

Switch back to Joey and read the book. Try to use your new bee dance on the lusis on the cage. (It will be with the rest of the fighting options on the top of the screen) Xefros will suggest that the lusis didn’t respond because you don’t look like a troll and you will be given the option of which horns you want. This won’t really change much other than how your horns look throughout the game. Try the bee dance on the lusis again, this time a rhythm based minigame will come up, play the game until you beat it and the lusis will spray a liquid and you and Xefros. Both Xefros and Joey will comment that they feel like all their worries are totally gone and that it will defiantly get you through the forest.

o back outside and exit the area to your right.

Train Station

You will now be in another train station. Xefros will have you message his friend Cridea that you are on your way. After that, he says that you need to buy tickets. The machines are just to your right, use them. Joey will attempt to buy tickets but will end up breaking the machines meaning you need to find another way to get some. You basically have to go bug everyone in the station now, there are three characters in the area you arrive in; Fozzer, the red blood dude with a shovel, Folykl, the yellow blood girl on top of her bug lusis, and Idarat, the teal blood to your left. Basically when you talk to all three of them three times, go to your right and leave into to the platform area.

There are four people in this area; from left to right they are Zebruh, Elward, Chixie, and Marvus.

Talk to each of them twice. Zebruh will express his fondness for Marvus. Elward will offer you a deal, two fake tickets for one real one. Chixie will warn you that stuffs gonna go down at the party and reveals that she is a infamous vigilante called the mask. (Another conversation will occur right after this and you have the option to leave Chixie alone or try to talk her out of it, if you try to talk her out of it there’s some dialogue about Xefros’ moirail Dammek, but that’s about it.) And Marvus will offer to help if there’s anything he can do.

Once you’ve talked to everyone, go back and talk to Zebruh. He says he might consider giving you his ticket if you get him an autograph on his album from Marvus. Agree to get one for him and go talk to Marvus who will sign it for you. Go back and talk to Zebruh again, you will give him the autographed album back and ask for the ticket. He kinda blows you off but says he might consider it if you give Marvus his mix tape. Again, go see Marvus and you’ll listen to the tape, afterwords Marvus will prompt you to go tell Zebruh he wants to talk to him. Go talk to Zebruh. They’ll talk for a bit and Marvus will mention Zebruh go on ‘Slam or get Culled’ and Zebruh says he’ll think about it.

After the conversation Zebruh will go back to where he was before. Go talk to him. He’ll say something about thinking about doing what Marvus suggested but that he’s too nervous.

Switch Characters to Xefros and give Zebruh the micrphone in your inventory, this will convince him to give you his ticket. Go talk to Elwurd and give her the ticket. She will also basically blow you off, saying that it wasn’t a good deal and she’d want something else. You say all you have is junk but Elwurd takes an interest in your pogs, give her the pics amd she’ll give you the tickets. Now, click on the gate to the right of Elwurd and click the ‘wait’ promt.

First Car (Rust Blood)

You will receive a message from an unknown person named Fiamet, saying that you only have 11 days left to go back through the portal or else both Alternia and Earth will be destroyed. You will then receive messages from Cridea, she mentions Fiamet and tells you not to worry even though what she said is true and ensures you that it won’t happen unless you let it. She then explains that the train your on will take about a week to get there so you’ll need to get to the front of the train and switch it to the express route. (This basically becomes the whole plot of the game. The train is seperated by blood caste so you have to get through each car each with a different blood caste. )

You will start in the farthest car back.

Go to your far right and talk to the troll at the end of the car, Marsti. They will be cleaning and no matter what option you pick they will insist that they need a good reason to move and let you pass. Now go to your far left and talk to the troll at the other side of the car, Skylla. She will mention that her lusis is really sick and you will tell her that if you find any kind of medicine that you will bring it back for her. Go back and talk to Marsti, you will tell them that you have a good reason this time and tell them about Skyllas lusis which they will respond that they were just messing with you and let you through. Leave the car and once the dialogue is over move onto the next car.

Second Car (Gold and Olive Bloods)

The next car is gold and olive bloods. When you enter the car, Konyyl and Azdaja will shout over your conversation. Talk to Kuprum and Folykl, once again, you will be interupted by Konyyl and Azdaja, which Folykl and Kuprum will respond to and basically just talk about quadrant stuff and Folykl’s viodrot.

The next character, Cirava, will be sitting down. They have an eyepatch on, you’ll know who it is. Talk to them and they’ll immediately mention Konyyl and Azdaja ,saying that you should leave them alone. We will not. They will tell you to add them on Chittr. No matter which option you pick they’ll end up talking about who Cirava is and how Xefros ‘knows’ them. Basically, they gouged out their eye on a live stream.

The next character is an olive blood in a bunch of bandages named Polypa. Once again mentioning Konyyl and Azdaja, and how it’s a really bad business model for them to be fighting in the open as they are, saying that some people need to make a living and if you need any voilence done, come her her.

(There is another character but I find that they have no impact on the story, but feel free to talk to them anyway)

Next, go talk to Konyyl and Azdaja. They’ll be fighting about a job they did and Xefros will mention finding someone to help calm them down. To talk to Polypa and recruit her, then go talk to Kuprum and Folykl and recruit Folykl. Go over to Konyyl and Azdaja and attempt to stop them. This will not work for long and they will confront you and make a deal that if you fight Adaja and win, you can go to the next car.

Go to Azdaja and strife with him.

Switch characters so Joey and attack him (it doesn’t really matter how) Azdaja will knock Joey down and Xefros will defend her and beat Azdaja. You can now move on to the next car.

In between cars there will be dialouge about quadrants and Xefros will try to explain them a bit.

Third Car (Jade and Teal Bloods)(Court Junk)

The next car is Jade and Teal bloods and this is a long one so I’ll try to keep is short and to the point. When you start walking into the car you overhear some dialogue among some of the jade bloods, lots of tension and arguing about a book. Once they’re done talking Xefros will explain that the group are in a cloister together.

Attempt to go on to the next car and you’ll be interrupted by Tirona, a teal blood kid asking if anyone lost a book that she found in the bathroom. Lynera, one of the jade bloods, will take it from her and say that this is the book they were talking about earlier, fresh teeth. Bronya will insist that she wants to keep the issue internal but that isn’t gonna happen. Lynera will mention something about the book being part of a set of banned religious texts and that it’s very much illegal for them to be out of the cave that they live at.

Teal blood trolls having been described as keepers of the law obviously show interest. There’s some more drama in the jade area before Marvus shows up, having heard talk about religion and long story short, there’s not going to be a trial and Marvus is playing judge, Stelsa, Tyzias and you are playing ‘legislacerators’ or lawyers. You will be defending Daraya.

You will have to talk to every character until dialogue runs out. Lanque will have a set of questions you have to ask (you have to ask all of the questions) as well as Daraya, Lynera, Bronya, Stelsa,

Wanashi will just tell you more about the book.

Marvus will go on about court stuff.

Tegiri will claim he is above the petty drama.

Tirona will tell you how she’s a perspective editor and a bunch of other nonsense.

Tagora talks a lot but basically will tell you to go get the ‘tape’ from the bathroom to prove his innocence.

Tyzias will have certain promts you can do but just don’t try to start the trial, not that it’ll start before you get ready.
In the bathroom above what looks like a mirror there’s a grub you can interact with. Interact with it. Xefros explains that information is stored on grubs instead of tapes and suggests you need something sharp and thin to get it out.

Examine the lockers on the left side of the car and it’ll say you need a key. Go to Bronya and she’ll give you them. Unlock the lockers and rummage through all the ones you can open.

The top left will give you the missing pages.

The top second from the right, will give you nail files.

The top right will prompt Xefros to step on and break a figure which you find out has been broken before and just was painted over.

The bottom left will give you a boy band magazine.

The bottom second from the right will give you a soldier purrbeast book.

Now, go back to the bathroom and use the nail file on the grub/tape thing and you’ll get the tape. Go back and talk to Tagora who will show you the tape and that he is innocent.

Now you’ll start another round of talking to people. I start with Lanque and work my way back. I don’t think its all necessary but I’m not sure. Basically, just talk to everyone until the dialouge loops. Give the spice to Tagora in exchange for Tegiri’s internet history.

Start the trail.

Okay now the trial starts. Now I’m not sure if there’s another way to go throught he trial but this is how I did it;

The first witness I called was Tirona.
Press on the third section,
Present the H2D Magazine(3rd section),
Press on the first section,
Present on the first section,
Tirona was reminded on someone,
Press on the first section,
Press on the second section,
Press on the third section,
Present Bronya’s Itinerary(3rd section),
Press on the first section,
Press on the second section,
Present the Locker Key (2nd section),
Present random stuff until the long bit of dialogue starts, Tegiri is next,
Press on the second section,
Press on the first section,
Present the Drone model (2nd section),
Present nail polish,
Present missing pages,
Press on the third section,
Present purrbeast book (3rd section),
Start the trial again,
Press on the third section,
Present H2D Magazine (3rd section),
Press on the second section,
Press on the third section,
Present on the fourth section,
Present the secret diary and grub tape.

And it’s finally over. Move on to the next car. Some dialogue between cars as usual.

Fourth Car (Blue Bloods)

Next car is the blue bloods. Talk to each of the trolls in the bottom car first, but don’t go into the room with Ardata.

Go up the elevator and attempt to move onto the next car. You’ll be stopped by Nihkee, Galekh, and Amisia. Galekh will eventually send you on a hunt for some literature to prove you’re worthy to go to the next car.

Go back down the elevator and talk to Mallek, he’ll tell you he can get you what you need but you have to charge his devices, agree to help.

Go back to the gold blood car and give Folykl and Kulrum the device from your inventory. Go back to Mallek and give him his device back. Go back upstairs and talk to Galekh. He loves it and you pass his test.

Next is Amisia who requests a piece of art. Go back downstairs and talk to Remele. She’ll request raw materials or a photo to work with, agree to get it. There are two options (as I have been informed in the comments; thank you) Either you can go back to the gold blood car and talk to Cirava who will take a picture of you or you can go back to the first car you started at and talk to Marsti who will give you some garbage. Take whatever you get and bring it back to Remele who will make you either a sculpture or a painting. Go give it to Amisia.

Next is Nihkee, who challenges you to muscular theatre. Xefros and Joey chat and decide that Joey needs a costume. Go back downstairs to Elwurd and talk to her. Basically just choose all the options cause she denies them and you’ll get back to her. Go over and talk to Ardata. This time agree to go in with her. Elwurd will come over and stop you. Go talk to Elwurd and she’ll give you the costume. Go back upstairs and talk to Nihkee. You literally didn’t stand a chance and she knocks you out. But you put on a good show so you get a pass. Good job, next car.

Fifth Car (Purple Bloods)

Next car is the clown bros.

Go through the dialogue between cars and go to the next one. Use the spine elevator to go downstairs and talk to Marvus to your far right. He wants to play a game. Welcome to the dark carnival yo, time for murder. (Also this song slaps)

The first color is yellow. Go back to the yellow car and try to talk to Cirava, they’re asleep. Joey will have the ides to take a picture with them and pretend they’re dead. Go back to Marvus and talk to him. You’ll get away with it but barley, they want a trophy next time. The next color is teal. Go to the teal car and talk to Tegri and get a blade from him. Take it back to Marvus. It’s not good enough, they want blood and gore. Go talk to Elwurd, who will commission Remele to paint your blade. Take it back to Marvus, they’ll accept this one.

The next color is purple, a little more tricky. For some reason they’re excited about this and want a party. But it’s not a party without faygo and they don’t have any left, so it’s not your job to go all the way back to the rust blood car. Walk all the way back to the first car and walk all the way to the left of the car. There will be some dialogue and joey realizes she’s been had, there’s faygo in this car. Now walk all the way back to the clown car. Yup all the way back again.

Before you can go back into the car, Baizli will meet you outside and says they’re not going to wait to find out how you plan to kill them, as he plans to kill you first. Luckily Xefros comes to save the day, pushing Baizli to his death. After a bit of conversation, go back into the car. Obviously they know you’ve killed him and as you’ve done what they asked for, they let you through.

Final And Last Car

Finally onto the last car. After some more dialogue, interact with the door and Xefros will tell you that you need to pull a lever but the drone is holding so you have to disable it.

Now there are 6 things you can interact with at the start; the door you’re at, the trapdoor on the floor, the drone, the lever on the drone’s hand, another lever to its right, and a blue dancer thing to its right.

Switch control to Xefros and use his telekinesis on the lever to the drone’s right (not the one it’s holding). It will open the trapdoor. Use the telekinesis on the trap door.

Switch control to Joey and use the tap dance shoes on the blue hula girl to the drone’s left. Now use the flashlight on the hula girl, the drone will now be distracted. Now, send in the bird through the trap door (he finally comes into play).

Switch control to Xefros and use his bat to break open the door. Now use his telekinesis on the glass from the door.

Switch control back to Joey and use the treats on the drone, the bird will peck at the drone and stuff.

Switch control back to Xefros one last time and use his telekinesis on the lever the drone was previously holding. And you’ve done it were on the express route. Now enjoy the cut scene and try not to get upset.

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