Guide Loop Hero — All Combo Tiles

Guide Loop Hero — All Combo Tiles

The goal of this guide is to find all the possible combo tiles, any help with that greatly appreciated

1. Rocks

  • 3×3 Rocks (you can add Mountains to it, but generally, mountain cards should be saved to use without spending them on the Mountain Peak) will make a Mountain Peak. It gives a massive HP boost but also spawns Harpies
  • every 10 rocks or mountains a Goblin Outpost will spawn

2. Meadows

  • Meadows placed next to anything = Blooming Meadow, which heals 3HP instead of 2 each day, it also gives you more resources

3. Village

  • Village + Vampire mansion = Ransacked Village – Spawns 4 Ghouls each loop for 3 loops, after that transforms into a Count’s Lands, restoring more HP and giving you better rewards for quests

4. Swamp

  • Swamp + Goblin outpost = Goblin lookout post, they add goblin archer to fights near the outpost, he can’t be killed as he’s a support unit.
  • Card synergy – Placing Swamp near Vampire Mansion will turn Vampire’s heal from lifesteal into damage making them easier to kill.

5. Treasury

  • Treasury will spawn random resources after placing a tile next to it, surround it with tiles to open the treasury and get a nice pack of resources, be careful though as Empty Treasury spawns Gargoyles

6. Battlefield

  • Battlefields placed next to each other will create bloody path, it will start spawning blood clots

7. Grove

  • Place a Blood Grove next to a Grove, then use Oblivion on a Grove to create a Hungry Grove tile – It kills enemies that have 20% hp left but ocassionally attacks hero for 17HP
  • Place a Vampire Village next to a Grove to start spawning Blood Golems – CREDIT, Kajiya Thank you!

8. River

  • Create Battlefield next to it to create a Shipwreck – It spawns Chests and Sirens
  • Place a Road next to it to create Reeds, they spawn Fishmen
  • Place next to Sand Dunes to upgrade them

9. Forest

  • If you place a Storm Temple down, then a Forest or thicket in the path of the Storm Temple, it turns into a burned forest, that gives you .5 magic damage each.

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