Guide and Walkthrough Soda Dungeon 2 (Tips)

Guide and Walkthrough Soda Dungeon 2 (Tips)


Soda Dungeon just recently released and if you want to have a good headstart you can use this Beginners Guide for Soda Dungeon 2 that will give you some good tips on how to progress faster as a new player and dont make mistakes that will slow your progress.

Getting Started

First of all, at the start of each Dimension you want to either gather group of Soda Junkies and send them to the Dungeon to get the basic gear, supplies and gold or buy some sodas and use the bed to refresh the team.

You can have up to 6 characters and its recommended to have a full team for faster and better progress.

When you are grinding for resources, farming for gold or essence its better to start at warp level 1, so you can get more loot from the run.

Make sure to tune the Autocombat settings in order to progress better. Recommended settings are:

  • Save a key for Healing Fairies: yes
  • Heal when party HP less than: 50%
  • Heal when party MP less than: 30%

For the key usage tick “Healing Fairy”, “Bonus Treasure” and “Mineshaft” boxes.

It is recommended to adjust “Chance to pick unknown Path when no key used to 0%

Soda Dungeon 2 Key settings

You also might want to turn AD Gold Boost on for additional 10% gold.

After that, you can just put the Auto On and enjoy the show of your team going through the dungeon, gathering the loot and fighting the enemies.
Just make sure to turn off Auto if you will see ore in order to harvest it.

If you just started Soda Dungeon 2 and you are a new player, you might need to do a few runs with random stuff on without serious progress.

After few runs you will have enough gold to buy some extras Sodas.
My personal advise is to go for Hammerin’ Ale, RN Cola, Mystic Fizz and Loot Beer first to unlock corresponding classes.

Quarry Quench Soda. If you have some extra gold you might want to invest it in additional furniture to improve your chances of getting the team you want.

Team compositionYour first teams should consist of different classes, that way all of them will get some exp and level up. If you want to focus on farming or progression there are several team setups that will help you to gain maximum loot while getting to the late levels (maybe even straight to the Dark Lord).

Although for the new players you dont really need that knowledge, since your hero classes havent leveled up to lvl 25 yet and havent unlocked additional skill, so we will cover basic teams that you can use straight from the start of the game.

Farming team

This setup is available at the very beginning of the game and works like a charm until Dimension 7-8, after that you might want to switch to Farming team 2.

This Team will consist of:

  • Thief Carpenter
  • Mystic Carpenter
  • Nurse Carpenter

If its one of the first runs – you want to equip them with Heal Stone, that will allow them to heal each other for 1 MP. This small trick will allow your firs teams to push straight to the boss really fast. Although this trick will become outdated when your relics will get a little bit better.

If you do not need extra healing equip everyone with Silver Necklaces and +gold gain items (if you have them). You can craft Silver Necklace at the Blacksmith.

For the rest of the equipment you will autoequip the best gear available.

Boss team
For the boss fight and serious pushing you might want to exclude the Thief and add additional Nurse, maybe even 2.

So the Boss team will look like this:

  • Carpenter Mystic
  • Nurse Nurse
  • Carpenter/Nurse Carpenter

For the equipment equip the best stuff available, try to include some Infected Edges and Skull Blades if available for Damage over Time effects.
Usually you wont have serious problems with the bosses unless you get to Dimension 6, 8, 9 or 10.

Moving to the next Dimension

When you defeated the Dark Lord of the current Dimension you will be able to move to the next dimension.

When you will leave current dimension through the portal your progress will reset. You will lose all of your gold, items, resources and soda. But you will keep town buildings, major upgrades and other currencies (including caps).

So there are some things you might consider doing before moving on:

Liquidate your gear at the Blacksmith to get extra gold
Spend as much of the gold as you can on the Building or Tavern upgrades
Spend rest of the gold in the Magic Fountain (if available)
When you are done, enter the portal and pick the relic.
It is really important to get the right relics first, otherwise your progress might slow down.
For more info on the relics read Relics Guide[]

Here is my personal relic priority list:

  • Attack > Health > Mana > HP Regen > Essence > Rest of them

After that its rinse and repeat

Leveling Equipment

Its a good idea to level up the equipment that you use, since it increases the basic stats of the gear and additional attributes as well.

Leveling gear costs smithing crystals, that can be obtained in the dungeon, bought from the blacksmith and from the quests. Main source will be dungeon drops though.

The smithing crystals costs of upgrade goes up a level every time you upgrade an item:

Level Amount of crystals Type of crystals

  • 1 3 Blue
  • 2 10 Blue
  • 3 20 Blue
  • 4 3 Red
  • 5 10 Red
  • 6 20 Red
  • 7 3 Yellow

Make sure to level your equipment before you are going to the boss fight, that will increase your chances of defeating Dark Lord quite a lot.ArenaIn the Arena you will fight 3v3 matches against the AI team. You can win different rewards based on the level of arena that you pick. The deeper you are in the dungeon – more arena levels will unlock.

You can go for anything, but so far Essence seems to be the best bet.
After you win or lose there will be a cooldown of 2 hours, after witch you can go and fight in the Arena again.

Another very important thing about arena, is that it allows you to create Scripts for your classes. That can change behavior of your characters and speed up your progress in the game.

Additional tips for Soda Dungeon 2

Beginners Guide cannot cover all the available topics, after all Soda Dungeon 2 have a lot of small things that affect your progress, but we have included some additional tips for you, that will make your experience more enjoyable:

Make use of a Whale pet for the additional HP for the boss fights and the progression. He have Health as a multiplies, so it scales from your class bonuses, gear, relics.

Buy Aurora pixie / fairy pet when you can afford her to get essence gain boost.

Blacksmith upgrade that lets you keep materials between dimensions – its often best to keep mats instead of liquidating them so you can craft iron gear off the bat or sell them for a gold boost in the early Dimensions

As you will progress through the game you will unlock new mechanics, make sure to adapt to the changes and make use of the new stuff.

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