Guide and Walkthrough Neon Abyss

Guide and Walkthrough Neon Abyss


Read useful information that will simplify the walkthrough of the rougelike platforming Neon Abyss.


George, Lord of the Pills

It is better to use firearms. At the beginning of the battle, George will shoot at you with three shells. Keep far away and then you can easily get around them (jump over). Then George will start jumping. Get close to him so that he jumps over you. And when George flies up, above the screen, watch out for the falling confetti. It is in this place that George will fall down. Then he will make two usual jumps in your direction, and after he will fly back upstairs.

Remington, Void Bot

It is easy to defeat him. Just pick a place where the shells will not reach you. It will need to be changed periodically. And it’s easy to avoid shells rotating around the robot!

Freddy’s Plush Toy Bot

At the first stage, you need to stay away from the boss, which will facilitate the evasion of flying hearts. At the second stage, the boss will begin to act more aggressively, so again try to avoid rapprochement with him.

Sung, Screens Lord

At the first stage, just move from one edge to another and the boss will not hit you. When a lot of monitors appear, shoot where the face appears. At first it will be one face, and after – 4-5 monitors. And you can shoot at any of them!

Johnny, Idols bot

Keep away from Johnny every time. This will make it easier for you to dodge stars and notes. And the notes, if Johnny is in one edge, will not have time to reach the other edge at all. At the end of the battle, you will also need to dodge the falling hearts.

Argus, the God of Darknet

The main boss of the first chapter opens at the fifth level. For the boss to appear, destroy all eyes. You do not need to jump on the platforms. Instead, move across the floor, but do not stand under your eyes. The first time the eyes shoot with lasers in straight lines, the second time they fire projectiles. And in the second case, it is best to run away or jump onto the platform. And when the boss appears, then shoot him, not paying attention to the eyes. Also keep an eye on the lines that appear, because over time, lasers will hit such a path.

Eal, God

In the first half of the battle, dodge the falling shells and stay between the laser grids. In the second part, you will have to follow the four gizmos that produce lasers. Shoot them, but also avoid all directions where these turrets are pointing. Only after that finish off Eal.

Walkthrough Tips

There are 5 large chapters consisting of several levels. At the end of each level there will be a boss. But at the end of the fifth you fight with the Evil Corporation manager. And your task is to kill all these managers. If you die, start the global chapter from the very beginning (that is, from the first level out of five). But if you have already killed the manager on the last map, then the game will not force you to go through everything from the very beginning.

The first chapter consists of 5 levels, the second – seven.

After each level you get a gold token. Tokens can be spent for the first time after the completion of the first five levels and the killing of the first manager. Tokens allow you to unlock new rules. For example, you will have to spend the first token so that at each level there is at least one secret room!

During the walkthrough of levels you will find different rooms. Some may be filled with hearts. If you see a room with a “yellow triangle“, know that it has some unique object. A room with a “golden star” indicates the presence of a new weapon (the new always replaces the old).

Also, if you left somewhere a heart or a crystal, then this item will remain there until the end of the level.

You can freely move between all activated level teleports.

Some chests open just like that, others with locks require a key, and others, stone ones, require a grenade. Grenades are also needed to destroy walls.

If you see a large purple crystal at the location, you can deactivate it by spending 1 unit of energy. Do not shoot at this crystal, otherwise it will turn red. You can’t get him out of the way in any way, and upon contact, it will inflict damage.

After you kill the first manager, visit the bar and open a new rule. Look for walls with a golden glow to find the secret room. How to find and open a secret room? Throw a grenade to open it.

Guide and Walkthrough Neon Abyss
The secret room is on the right.

In the bar, on the left side – there is an icon that allows you to switch between difficulty levels. The default is the usual difficulty, but you can increase or decrease it.

Walls can be blown up in barrels. For example, if the barrel is on wooden box, first destroy them. When it falls, blow up the barrel.

Each weapon has an alternative shooting mode that consumes energy or hearts. To do this, use RMB.

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