Foregone Walkthrough

Foregone Walkthrough

Read detailed guide to complete all levels of Foregone

At the beginning of the game, move to the right and kill enemies, studying all the elements of movement. Kill melee enemies with electric batons according to the following scheme: three shots from a distance and three hits in close combat. And when you see an enemy with cannon, get ready to double jump to avoid flying projectiles.


After the cut-scene, pick up a new sword. Open your inventory and select it with the E key. Move forward and kill several enemies. Attack them after they stop spinning with the sword. Get to the Guardian and listen to him.


Pick up your first skill – dash. And then go to the outpost. This is your hub. You can buy new passive or active abilities from the Warlock, and you can buy an upgrade for your weapon (or sell your weapon) from the blacksmith.

Quiet thickets

Move to the right and kill new opponents. Dodge shots and jump over melee enemies to prevent them from hitting you. In the end, you will go downstairs, having previously picked up a new skill. Press “2” at any time to restore some of your health.

After going downstairs, use the slide on the left side of the location to find a secret area with supplies. When you find the teleport, be sure to return to the outpost.

To be continued…

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