Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2 Walkthrough

Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2 Walkthrough


In the comments below you can ask all questions related to the passage of the game. Until then, check out our guide to each level.

In total, the game has three main levels and the fourth, during which you fight the Dark Lord.


Before proceeding with the passage, I will remind you about the management and give a few tips:

  • You will have to fight with some specialized opponents. Use a rocket launcher against special forces with yellow shields. Shoot them at their feet from the side. Against the Spirit – an energy cannon with the magnetron modification. Switch it in your inventory, and then do not forget to change the attachment with the F key. Hold RMB and shoot an energy beam at the liberated Spirit. By the way, the Spirit can disappear on its own if you kill all the other enemies. He simply will have no one to inhabit.
  • Aim for the heads of the creators. This way you will get more loot.
  • Do not forget about the C key to destroy simple demons with a chainsaw and get ammunition with first-aid kits and armor.
  • The CTRL key allows you to throw a grenade, and G – change its type.
  • When fighting the Marauders and the Lord, use the super shotgun to stun the enemy.

So, move forward and kill the enemies. Jump further and onto the wall in front and below. Go around it, jump onto the wall where the fireballs are falling, climb up and use the grappling hook of the super shotgun. Defeat all opponents. I recommend leaving the Screechers for last, so that they do not strengthen the rest of the demons with their death. The gates are closed. So, go left, up and free the green dog. Follow him, he will activate fire. Kill the enemies and go through the gate.

Defeat the Armored Baron. Shoot energy weapons to destroy armor, then use any other. For example, a machine gun. Repeat the actions if the Baron has time to restore the armor. After the next fight, go to the indicated building and jump down into the pit. Accelerate to the wall, go down even lower and activate the trampolines. After going upstairs, jump on the upper buildings and roofs.

Look for a suit on the side, move along the marker and kill the enemy. Break down walls where necessary. Make your way further over the chasm using the Super Shotgun. Find another dog to fight the enemies and open the way further. Eventually you will receive a new weapon – Sentinel Hammer.

The easiest way to charge the Hammer is to kill 2-3 normal demons with a brutal kill (E hit). The hammer stuns enemies, and also knocks out cartridges from them. Ignite or freeze opponents, and then use the hammer to get more loot. Defeat the Spirit using an energy weapon and a magnetron attachment. Or simply kill everyone so that he cannot possess anyone. After clearing the courtyard, look for the barrels on the right to climb higher. Jump to the other side, activate the lever and jump up on the trampoline. Use the grappling hook of the super shotgun and leave the area.

There are many battles awaiting you in Hell’s Lake. After the first fight, jump forward with the help of the grappling hook, accelerate behind the wall with jerks, and so on. Altars of Hazardous Encounter contain two combats. To progress through the story, you just need to win in one. The second fight is more difficult. The reward for the first battle is the opportunity to continue the mission and improve the Hammer. For the second – some kind of decoration item. Both battles are considered part of the exploration mission. If you aim for 100%, take part in both battles.

Use the crossbar and hook to climb up. Kill enemies. When destroying the Armored Baron’s armor, hit after with the Hammer to prolong his stun. At the bloody Creators, shoot with a regular rifle using the right mouse button. Keep going, use walls, and so on. At the end of the stage, hit the green button, jump down and fly to the wall. Jump down and shoot the button. Fly forward from the bar, turn around and use the other bar. On the way, you will have to shoot two more green buttons and use dashes and boosters.

Reclaimed Earth

Kill enemies. Note the Cursed Prowler. If it hits you, you will be damned. Kill the Prowler with a Bloodstrike on E. To charge it, finish off any enemies with brutal kills (E when lit). After the victory, follow the building, kill the enemies from above and find a way further. Use the hook of the super shotgun, speed up and destroy opponents. There will be a map on the ledge to the right behind the alley.

Go into the building, go up and to the right from the cars. Turn on the electricity and fight the first commandos. Shoot the rocket launcher from the side of their legs. After the victory, go up and hit the carriage. Jump forward and fly from the carriages to the wall to the left. Fight a dangerous skirmish. At least one. Stun the Marauders with your Super Shotgun and extend the Marauders with the Hammer.

Jump below through the hole next to the dangerous skirmish, open the door using the green lever behind the pillar to the right of it. Be careful with the Spirit. Get to the next electrical panel, keep moving and jump forward. Shoot the huge button as you fly from the crossbar to the building opposite. There is extra life behind the glass on the left. Kill opponents. When you see that some of them are colored with a red aura, look for the summoner.


This mission is simple enough and includes everything you did before. You will also have to fly and shoot at the green buttons at the same time. But in general, nothing complicated.

How to kill the Dark Lord

Shoot the dogs to receive charges of the Hammer. Kill ordinary demons with a saw to get ammo and life. Don’t let the enemy hit you, otherwise it will restore health. Wait for the Master to swing. If his eyes are glowing green like the Marauders (and there is also a sound), fire your Super Shotgun and hit with the Hammer to extend the stun. And then attack with a machine gun, causing direct damage. Continue until you can finish the move. In the second and third stages, he will dash towards you, hiding behind a shield. Dash left or right to avoid damage. In the fourth and fifth stages, the energetic silhouettes of demons will appear. Don’t touch them. Only dogs. Demons will disappear when you counterattack the Overlord with a super shotgun (at the moment of his swing).

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