Death's Door Walkthrough and Game Guide

Death’s Door Walkthrough and Game Guide


In this guide, we will tell you how to go through the Death’s Door, find all the secrets, weapons, sparkles, crystals of life and magic, defeat each boss.

First, about the control system:

  • Health bar – green bar in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Cells of energy – white slots under the health scale, used for ranged attacks and replenished when killing opponents
  • LMB – sword blow
  • Mouse wheel – a strong blow with a sword (the longer you hold, the stronger the blow will be)
  • RMB – bow shot (consumes magic points)
  • Space – rolls
  • Space + mouse wheel – hit with a swoop after rolling

Chat with the crow and enter the first portal.

The Grove of Spirits

Follow through the location, destroy cubes. Some can be attacked in close combat, while others need to be bowled. Moreover, the arrows fly along the height of your hero, which means that in order to get into the cube from above, you need to shoot from above, from the ledge.

Death's Door Walkthrough and Game Guide
Death’s Door Walkthrough and Game Guide

Boss Demonic Forest Spirit

Dodge the blows of the stems while simultaneously attacking the boss. When he begins to rotate four stems on the ground, run in a circle. Then run away while the Soul tries to ram you. And then hit the two stems on which the boss rests. Literally 3 times each stem. After the victory, go through the gate to get to a new location.

Lost Cemetery

At this location, you will discover new items. Try to turn around the corners of buildings, enter caves and look for non-obvious routes to get soul orbs and seeds of life. Orbs of Souls give 100 souls each, which is needed in the Hall of the Gates to buy upgrades for the hero. The seeds of life need to be planted in pots that are installed in different parts of the location, and then eat the grown plant to restore health.

Some doors are opened with keys (pink), others – after all opponents have been killed. In one of the places, you need to turn behind the building (after going down the elevator) and go down two stairs to get into the cave with the statue. Pray and receive the crystal of life. For every 4 crystals of life or magic, you will receive additional cells of health or magic, respectively.

Continue the passage, lower the levers, creating short routes, and then fight the boss.

Boss Guardian of the Door

In this battle, you need to attack the boss 1-2 times and run back, as he will hit the stone tower on the ground and make a turn. Repeat the actions until he jumps to the beginning of the arena. Run away from the scope, as the laser beam will fall there. Then there will be even more scopes, and bombs will fall at these points. In general, dodge them and keep hitting the boss 1-2 times before hitting the tower. Also don’t forget about archery!!!

After the victory, go higher and talk to Gray Crow. You need to collect the souls of three giants. grab the pink key and head left to enter the Old Witch’s crypt.

To be continued…

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