Death Stranding - How to defeat All Bosses

Death Stranding – How to defeat All Bosses


Finally, the long-awaited creation of Hideo Kojima – the action of Death Stranding was released. The first half of the game is monotonous: you need to visit different regions and establish contacts with people from other shelters.

The plot is revealed already in the second part, when you have to fight with numerous bosses. In this guide, we will tell you how to defeat all the bosses of the game.

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How to kill a Many-armed Ghost

This opponent, in fact, is a huge ghost, and looks like a squid. You will fight with him at the end of the second episode of the game (Amelie), when you get to the port of Knot City during the execution of order No. 14. The battle begins after you go to the place where you need to board the ship. Order No. 16 is associated with the destruction of the enemy.

Death Stranding - How to defeat All Bosses
Death Stranding – How to defeat All Bosses

Use grenades to kill the squid. If they are, then the battle will be simplified. Never rush: throw one grenade at a time! After the boss takes damage from the explosion, wait a bit, as he has to plunge into the liquid and appear elsewhere. Only then throw a second grenade.

If you do not have such grenades, then look for them in the area shown in the screenshot below. Use a scanner to make object detection easier. In online mode, there will be more grenades, as other gamers can leave them for you.

Death Stranding - How to defeat All Bosses
Death Stranding – How to defeat All Bosses

Constantly move along the roofs of flooded buildings. If you get into the mucus, the main character will move slower. Do not linger on the same roof throughout the battle, as the enemy can completely sink the building.

The squid will attack with tentacles and a charged strike. Throw grenades from a safe distance, so avoid tentacles. The universal solution is to climb the roof. When the boss does not have health points left, the battle will be completed. Take the crystals that have fallen from the enemy.

During the game you will encounter such bosses more than once. Opponents that you meet during your free trip are weaker, and it is not necessary to fight them. If you do not want to spend grenades, then you can just run away from the enemies. It is enough to get out of the mucus.

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