Brain Out Walkthrough All Levels

Walkthrough Brain Out All Levels


Want to know your IQ level? There are many levels with very non-standard puzzles. Thus it will turn out to test your logical thinking, memory and ability to get out of a confused situation.

Walkthrough Brain Out

Brain Out Levels 1 to 25

1. The largest watermelon.

2. Nine ducks.

3. Above all is the sun.

4. Move the slices of watermelon until you find a bitten one.

5. Move the square half the screen, you get a rectangle.

6. 11 triangles.

7. Slide bonfires against each other to get the largest.

8. Number 9.

9. Evaluation of the highest score.

10. Hide the sun over the edge of the screen, an owl will wake up.

11. The correct answer is 9.

12. Click on the banana first, then the apple, hexagon, circle, square.

13. Tap two fingers simultaneously into empty cells, so that you get three circles in a row.

14. Shake the hens; one of them will drop a chicken.

15. Click on the word “color.”

16. Move the wig aside, it turns out that the guy has three hairs.

17. Move the duckling to the puddle.

18. There is stick under the number 1, move it under the symbol behind the equal sign to get the number 2.

19. Place pink spots on the pillow to make a steak.

20. Pinch your fingers on the monkey and the horse, with the third finger press the button so that the rabbit wins.

21. Feed the dog by canned food, it goes to the toilet. You will see ring.

22. People like to listen to “cd”.

23. Rub your finger on the place where the cigarette burns, it will begin to fade.

24. Put the coins in the piggy bank and break it in tapas, there will be 15 coins inside.

25. Remove the emoticon from the yellow circle, place a cloud from the picture under it.

Brain Out Levels 26 to 50

26. 1 incision is required.

27. Increase the stone on it will be 10 ants, a total of 17.

28. Answer 9.

29. Move the sentence under the butterfly.

30. Simultaneously press the two bare wires, the fan will turn on.

31. Click on the cloud and the worm will appear.

Brain Out Walkthrough All Levels

Brain Out Walkthrough Level 31

To be continued…

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