Best Mods for Scrap Mechanic
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Best Mods for Scrap Mechanic


Read a compilation of all the famous, best mods for the exciting simulator Scrap Mechanic.

The Modpack

This is a huge collection of various solutions that make adjustments, improve, optimize and significantly expand the game. It includes most common modifications.

The Modpack Polygons

Another global collection that adds several details to the game, significantly expanding the possibilities of design.

Space Mod

Mod, transforming the game and adding to it the space industry. The modification was created by modders Dart Frog, Izapertron and Shinevision, it is periodically updated. The mod is divided into two parts. The first part, the workshop, adds parts and blocks to the game. The second part is the game files, adding space itself, an astronaut character, and so on.

Camodo Wheel Covers v2

Adds new varieties of wheels to the game. And leaves all those that are available by default.

Apocalypse Mod

Do you want a post-apocalyptic setting? The sky has become much darker and darker, almost no vegetation, but radiation will never stop the robots … how to survive in these harsh conditions? You decide!

The Modpack Polygons Glass

The same as The Modpack Polygons, but all the added details this time are made of glass.

Winter Mod

Another modification that transforms the setting of the game. The entire landscape is now covered in snow. There are now no leaves on trees and plants. Only the pines remain green!

Minecraft Blocks Mod

From the name of the mod, you can guess its content. He adds to the game the blocks that everyone loved from the popular Minecraft game. Among other things, you will get iron, wood, stone, glass, bricks and so on.

Play as Goku

Do you love the Dragon Ball series? This mod will allow you to turn the main character into a character in this popular series, Goku.

Dragon Radar

Continuing the theme of Dragon Ball. This mod replaces one of the tools with a Dragon radar, which will allow Goku to track dragon balls.

Play as the Backpack

Do you want to play like a backpack? Well, install this mod and play the role of a backpack!

More interesting mods for Scrap Mechanics can be found here.

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