Answers to All Levels Easy Game Brain Test

Answers to All Levels Easy Game Brain Test


Walkthrough All levels and Questions in the game for mobile devices Easy Game.

Easy Game Answer

Level 1

  • Which is lighter? First select the ball, then the apple.

Level 2

  • Which of the planets is the largest: Jupiter is the lower right planet.

Level 3

  • Grow a flower: Take the clouds down so that the sun comes out.

Level 4

  • How many Apple are there? Seven.

Level 5

  • Select the largest Snowman: Put all the snowmen together.

Level 6

  • Guess the Card: Move the magician to the right to see the card.

Level 7

  • Cross the River: Move the river to the left. A bridge will appear.

Level 8

  • Which glass contains the most water: In a glass with a paper clip.

Level 9

  • How many facets does this diamond have: 13.

Level 10

  • What will you take with you to survive the zombie apocalypse? Pack all the items in a backpack.

Level 11

  • Find the number 9. Click on the number 9, which is located in the text above the picture.

Level 12

  • In which hand is the coin in. Press both hands at the same time.

Level 13

  • Wake him up. Remove the sleeping mask from the man.

Level 14

  • Assemble the dog. Just collect all the fragments.

Level 15

  • What time is it now? Enter the time you see on the phone.

Level 16

  • Help John. With two fingers, reduce the thug.

Level 17

  • Blow out all the candles.

Level 18

  • Let the bird out. Use the key to the lock, then shake your device.

Level 19

  • Count the coins the wallet. Click on the wallet to open it. Then flip the device.

Level 20

  • Built a tower from the shapes. From top to bottom: blue, green, blue to the right, orange to the left, and orange below.

Level 21

  • Find a fish. Turn the device over and click on the fish until it disappears behind the screen.

Level 22

  • Assemble the bird. Just collect the shards.

Level 23

  • Why is he so surprised? Turn the girl to face you.

Level 24

  • Which one is a mermaid? Click on the top line of water and pull it down.

Level 25

  • Save the snails! Drag the butterfly from the snail to the eagle’s beak.

Level 26

  • Remove the piano. With two fingers, push the hole under the piano, then cut the rope.

Level 27

  • Feed the kitten. Click on the jar, it will open. Tap twice on the jar again to flip it over. Shake your device.

Level 28

  • Complete the puzzle. You just need to assemble the portrait of the caveman from the mosaic.

Level 29

  • There is a waterfall Ahead. Save the snail. Turn the phone to the right and click on the snail.

Level 30

  • Which balloon will pop first if you release them into the air? Choose any color. The remaining two balls must be held with your fingers.

Level 31

  • Select 6 bananas. Click on the text “Apple” and correct it to “Banana”.

Level 32

  • Lift the kettlebell. Press the number 50 and make the weight 0. Lift the weight.

Level 33

  • How many watermelons are there? Five watermelons.

Level 34

  • Wake the kitten up. Move the screen to the right and plug the TV into a power outlet.

Level 35

  • Who will be the first to open the safe? Shake the phone, then click on the thief that appears.

Level 36

  • Find the objects. Just find all the items.

Level 37

  • How many leaves does the tree have? Shake the device and count the remaining leaves.

Level 38

  • Who ate the fish? Tap on a gray kitten.

Level 39

  • Help the snail win! Move the screen to the right side, then move the crying boy closer to the ambulance.

Level 40

  • What is the maximum number of parts you can split the moon into with two cuts? Six.

Level 41

  • Collect the puzzle. Collect the chicken puzzle.

Level 42

  • Help the woman find her glasses. Take off your grandmother’s hat to find the glasses.

Level 43

  • You need this rare coin: click on the apples, then on the bird, then on the thug. Drag the thug onto the apples and cover the seller’s head with a bucket.

Level 44

  • Complete the egg: slide the screen to the right and find the shell at number 1.

Level 45

  • Find a strange dice: look for dice with 7 dots in the lower right corner.

Level 46

  • Heal the frog: give the frog two tablets at once, the upper left and the lower right.

Level 47

  • Heads or tails? Combine the words “Eagle” and “Tails”, then click on it.

Level 48

  • Save the masterpiece: click on the policeman.

Level 49

  • Don’t get sunburn? Rub the bedspread with your finger.

Level 50

  • The cat has been playing with balls of yarn. Tidy up Collect all the balls: on the carpet, under the box and the cat.

Level 51

  • Wake up the elephant: cover the nose of the elephant with your finger.

Level 52

  • Beat Dave at dice: move the colon after the word “You” onto the cube.

Level 53

  • Cheer him up: move the screen to the left, take a bill and give it to a man.

Level 54

  • The sum of which three numbers equals 17?: select 6 + 6 + 5.

Level 55

  • What will the size of the angle become: 30 degrees.

Level 56

  • Reach the exit after collecting all the coins.

Level 57

  • Find your way out on the first try: put a candle next to any door and open it.

Level 58

  • Score 15 with all the dice: move the screen to the left, make the cubes show 6, 6 and 3.

Level 59

  • Reach the exit: control the snail to reach the word “exit”.

Level 60

  • Count 15 seconds: turn the small clock over twice and once the big one.

Level 61

  • Position the missing objects: you need to make sure that the fruits do not intersect in horizontal and vertical lines.

Level 62

  • What will the artist paint? Move the screen to the left and select the caveman.

Level 63

  • How do you reach both houses on time? Press your finger on the ambulance several times until a second car appears.

Level 64

  • Cool off: take a shadow from the boat instead of a horn and a cloud instead of ice cream.

Level 65

  • Answer the call: slide your finger across the bedside table, connect the wires and pick up the handset.

Level 66

  • Place the numbers in circles so that the sum of the numbers in each line equals 8: put the numbers 5, 1 and 2 in a line, put the rest on the sides.

Level 67

  • Count the triangles? fifteen.

Level 68

  • What color will their kitten be? Combine the inscriptions “White” and “Red”.

Level 69

  • Find the three wrong cards: card 11, a queen with the letter “O”, a black ace of diamonds.

Level 70

  • Put the watermelon on each table: put the inscription “watermelon” on the second table.

Level 71

  • Stop when the necessary sequence is shown: just press stop.

Level 72

  • Ten candles were burning in the room. Some of them were blown out. How many candles remained? lit candles will burn, enter the number of extinguished candles in the input field.

Level 73

  • Assemble a burger: just catch the ingredients falling down.

Level 74

  • Get rid of the troublesome fleas: pull the fleas with your fingers and, without releasing them, click on the dots.

Level 75

  • Which mountain was the highest in the world before Everest was discovered? Everest has always been the highest mountain.

Level 76

  • Find something that cannot be bought: click on the egg and hold for a few seconds.

Level 77

  • Pick up a coin: turn the device over and go through the text.

Level 78

  • Touch the painting: hold the light bulb with your finger and unscrew it.

Level 79

  • Guess who this person is based on the things he uses: put the battery in the calculator. Enter the word BOSS.

Level 80

  • Close the image: under the cloud, get the white dot and place it in the upper right corner of the picture. Then, on one of the blades of the mill, find the red cross and place it there. Close the picture.

Level 81

  • Help the magician to remove the weights: click on the weights many times until they burst.

Level 82

  • Can you crack the code? 319.

Level 83

  • Complete the snowflake: just finish the picture.

Level 84

  • Which chest contains gold? move the word “Gold” to any chest and click on it.

Level 85

  • Protect the chick: put your finger on the chick and hold it a bit.

Level 86

  • Follow the instructions of the caveman.

Level 87

  • Pay with a coin: place a lemon and a portrait on the moon, then give it to the Witcher.

Level 88

•        Restore the supply of electricity

Level 89

  • Create a matching key: first select the first, then the fourth key samples.

Level 90

  • Score 12 with all the dice: shake the dice so that six fall on them.

Level 91

  • Turn on the light: touch and hold with one finger the wire break on the right, and with the other turn on the light.

Level 92

  • Destroy the fortress with three shots: shoot twice, then with two fingers increase the last core.

Level 93

  • Whose party is it: bring the cake to all young people. Who blows out the candles, he is the birthday man.

Level 94

  • How many letters have you recived: check the box and count the number of letters.

Level 95

  • Who has eaten the carrot: put hares on the scales. Who is heavier, he ate.

Level 96

  • Assemble burgers: catch the ingredients on the screen.

Level 97

  • Help to catch the criminal: hold down the “Chase” button, then click on the criminal and hold him.

Level 98

  • Knit the scarf on time: press in succession A — C — B — A — C — B — A — C — B.

Level 99

  • Buy the best house: combine identical houses to get a Villa.

Level 100

  • Pop the balloons: drag the balls to the word “pierce”.

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