Amnesia: Rebirth – All Endings
Walkthrough 2

Amnesia: Rebirth – All Endings


During the passage of the horror Amnesia: Rebirth, you must make several important decisions that will affect the ending

Bad Ending 1

To get this ending, the factory will need to refuse Amari’s help. In this case, the main character will turn into one of the monsters, and will be forced to wander around the world of shadows forever.

Best Ending

As you understand, for such a final you need to help Amari and take her with you. This can be done only if you have a jug from one of the previous levels. Then you have to move past the mysterious monster. Use the twisting branches on the ground to hide from him. Move along the wall to the left to the doorway. Climb the stairs, insert the jug into the hole to open the door, and go to the wheel.

Use one of the injections to fill the wheel with red liquid and then rotate. The whole place will be filled with this substance. Take the jug again and go out on the lower left along the stairs, towards the door.

Pass through it, go to the portal, insert the jug and press the button. Having recovered, go forward and push the stones down. You have returned home to Paris.

Bad Ending  2

Essentially the same as the first bad ending (the outcome is the same), but to get it you need to take Amari with you and then let the mysterious figure catch you. Then you will turn into one of the monsters.

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    Oct 25, 2020 7:16 pm

    You forgot the secret ending. Inject all 3 “vital-stations” in the boss room and you and your child die in the netherworld but the boss dies aswell.

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