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How to Get All War’s and Strife’s Wrath Abilities in Darksiders: Genesis


Strife and War have one Wrath ability; however you can unlock two more abilities. Below we tell how to get them.

Hot to Get Achievements Master of War & Master of Strife

Note. Describing the location of these items, we mean that you have found a map of a particular location (and it’s easy to do). Their location is indicated in a separate manual. In turn, the found map will allow you to see where a particular collection item is located (in Epic Chests – armor, new abilities, upgrades and ammunition; green and yellow marker – fragments of Health Core and Wrath Core).

War Abilities:

  • The first ability is available by default. Thanks to her, War causes fire spikes from under the ground.
  • Rampage. You will discover this ability in the fifth chapter. At the beginning of the location, move forward until you destroy Boltspitter. Go back, right and up the ledges to find a passage to the kennel. Kill Houndmaster, go a little to the right and find an Epic Chest with this ability.

Strife Abilities:

  • Shadow Clone. The first ability is available by default. Strife creates its own copy, which attacks enemies and distracts their attention.
  • Caltrops. You can get this ability in the third chapter. When you get to the place where the fragment of the Wrath sphere is located, go all the way to the right to find an Epic Cest with an item.
  • World Ender. In the fifth chapter, when you go down, you will need to go left and right to activate the plates. Move left. When you solve the puzzle with crystals and activate the plate, lava will appear. Follow the left. You will see a hole in the floor where lava flows. Fall down. This is a cache. Go up and get to the epic chest with the right ability.

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