All the endings The Outer Worlds

All the endings The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is a first-person action RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. The main character masters the expanses of the space system Alkion. And below we tell you about all the possible finals.

The game has three different endings:

  • 1. The final in which you help Phineas Wells.
  • 2. The ending for Sofia Akande.
  • 3. Secret ending with the destruction of “Hope”.

The ending № 1

To get this ending, complete all the tasks that Phineas Wells gives you. In this case, you will bring the “Hope” to his secret laboratory, and then visit Tartarus to save the professor.

All the endings The Outer Worlds
All the endings The Outer Worlds

The ending № 2

Complete all tasks from Sofia Akande, which can be reached through Bedford Udom from the Groundbreaker. In this case, “Hope” will need to be moved to the “Monarch”, and then save Sofia from the clutches of the madman Wells.

The Outer Worlds Secret ending

To see this finale, you need to lower the “Intelligence” below average when creating a character on the first screen. In this case, during the game you will notice the appearance of new dialog branches. When you find yourself on the “Hope” at someone’s request (Akande or Wells), then tell ADA that you will make the jump yourself. The “Dumb” branch should appear. The ship will fly straight to the sun of Alkion. If the intelligence is not below average, then there will be another dialogue branch. If you pass the test, then just deliver “Hope” to your destination where your quest giver requested. In this case, it will not explode.

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