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How to Get All Parts Abyssal Armor for War and Strife in Darksiders: Genesis


To intensify War and Strife in Darksiders: Genesis, you will need to find five pieces of the incomprehensible Abyssal Armor. Below we tell where they are.

Typically, such items are stored in Epic Chests, however, some parts you can buy from Vulgrim.

Note. Describing the location of these items, we mean that you have found a map of a particular location (and it’s easy to do). Their location is indicated in a separate manual. In turn, the found map will allow you to see where a particular collection item is located (in Epic Chests – armor, new abilities, upgrades and ammunition; green and yellow marker – fragments of Health Core and Wrath Core).

Armor of War:

  • You will find the first part of the armor in the third chapter. When the first flying wizard appears, jump down to the left and follow the ledges. On one of them there will still be ingots. There is an explosive bomb on the far ledge, but it does not burn. Take it and throw it into the growth on the other side. Use the Blade of War, set fire to the nearest bowls from the far one and set fire to the bomb. Behind it will be an Epic Chest with a part of armor.
  • The second part of the armor is hidden in an Epic Chest in chapter five. When you go downstairs and find yourself at the locked gate, go left. When you reach a place with six crystals, you can throw the sword of War in five of them. Climb to the left and find the plate for the portal. Create the first portal. Remember what symbols surround it. Now go down to the crystals and select five of the six with the desired characters. If everything is done correctly, a second slab for the portal will appear below. Create a second portal and jump between them, as you did in the fourth chapter. When the height is normal, then fly to the left from the left portal, clinging to the hook. You will get to the desired ledge.

Armor of Strife:

One piece of armor can be obtained as a reward at the Arena for 20,000 points.

To be continued…

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