All Endings in On The Verge II

All Endings in On The Verge II

Detailed description of the endings and how to get them in the single player game On The Verge II

Best Ending

In the starting location you need to choose a pistol, help Nikolai and return the weapon to Michael. In a mission where you need to repel attacks for ten minutes, you die at the hands of Michael.


Nikolai’s brother is dead. Michael escapes from the underground warehouse and finally sets it on fire. The explosion from the warehouse is so powerful that it clears the road and at the same time kills the entire assault party. Michael moves to another country and falls in love with one of the nurses. It is still heavy on his soul from these events.

Balanced Ending

At the starting location, select a pistol and heal Nikolai. Be sure to hold out for ten minutes in the corresponding task.


If you held out for the right time, then at the end of the timer, Special Forces will arrive and save Nikolai and his brother. Michael is arrested and he commits suicide in a cell.

Unfortunate Ending

At the starting location, select a pistol and shoot Nikolai.


Instead of curing Nikolai, his brother kills him.

Sad Ending

In the starting location, select a knife instead of a pistol.


You cannot cure Nikolai, so you call the task force. Immediately after that, Mikhail appears and burns his brother Nikolai. Later, special forces will appear and shoot Michael.

Worst Ending

At the starting location, select “go for the key.”


As soon as Nikolai tries to get the key, the damper on the oven will collapse right on him and cut the body in two. Young people decide to go to the police, but on the way they run into a stone and explode.

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