All Bosses in Othercide

Read how to beat every boss in Othercide.


Before even beginning to read this guide, understand that every boss and every person’s playthrough is different. There are different EXP gains, level differences, and every Daughter has randomized stats. Skills are mostly what I will be focusing on, but if you are lucky, or farm for them, certain memories will help a lot(Inferno and anything increasing Initiative especially). 

This is a guide, not a step-by-step walkthrough on every Action needed to beat a boss. I mightmake such a guide if there are enough requests for it, but currently I’m still figuring out the Deacon.

With that being said:

The Surgeon

Every Boss has a behavior tree, and the Surgeon’s can be summarized like this:

  • 1: If there is a Caretaker, Try to attack the Closest Daughter.
  • – You can use this to sort-of cheese drag him away from the edge of the map, where your options are limited and where Caretakers will keep armoring and speeding him up.
  • 2: If Caretakers die but one is still alive, summon another Caretaker.
  • -This doesn’t reduce his movement, and typically the summoned caretaker will have a very low starting initiative, which means it will take a turn before all the other ones and make your life more difficult than before
  • 3: If no Caretakers exist, attack the Daughter with the highest amount of HP.
  • – This is HP flat. That means when considering the target, you could have a Shieldbearer at full health still have less HP than the Blademaster with half HP. This could make the fight extremely difficult and without the skills to control your own HP, There really isn’t a way to avoid that damage.

Caretakers:These ***** are possibly the most delaying enemy in the game, and the most annoying. They are what make this fight especially difficult. They only have ~600 HP, which means a double shot from the Soulslinger or basic attacks from the other classes will kill them, but they don’t target you (immediately at least). Instead, they prioritize putting their Devotion Skill on the Surgeon.

-Devotion Increase Armor by 500, and reduce initiative by 15%.

!!! 15% !!! initiative reduction. That isn’t fun, that is what will give him extra turns. This skill alone is the most painful thing. Focus them down before they get enough casts on him, or else you won’t get turns to fight.

At Step 3, the Surgeon gains new skills. There are more, but the only three you really care about are: 

-IMPORTANT NOTE: This skill is the main one which will 1-shot KO your entire team. The only way to counter/survive this is to either have a Shieldbearer using Blacksmith’s Grace tank it, which won’t stop the damage entirely, only reduce it to a total of ~800, or to stop it completely, use the Soulslinger’s Interruption Round.

Self-Medication: Reaction Skill. Whenever he takes damage from a Daughter in melee range, immediately attack the Daughter. This doesn’t trigger for Ranged damage (i.e. Soulslinger).

Relentless (Treatment?): Triple-strike attack dealing ~200*3 damage. Shieldbearer with Blacksmith’s Grace can tank this for 0 damage.

The best bet is to tank the damage from the Surgeon with a Shieldbearer using the Blacksmith’s Grace ability. The 180 armor almost entirely negates his normal attacks, and the initiative boost is great. Especially good is when you have the Shieldbearer going before the Soulslinger.

In that case, Immediately use Blacksmith’s Grace, and trigger his Self-Medication so that the Shieldbearers initiative drops fast. Using Slams to try and delay the Surgeon is also an idea, provided that you have the damage output elsewhere to kill him quickly (Shadow Round on Soulslinger is nice for this when you have her backstabbing the Surgeon). 

His 7000 HP seems massive, but it drops quickly when you have a Blademaster backstabbing. ~1500 damage per 30 AP means you can kill him quickly.

Recommended Loadout for a Team, assuming LVL 4:
Imbued Blade
Lightning Strike

Interrupting Round
Shadow Round

Slam – Inferno(preferred and helpful)
Blacksmith’s Grace 

Plan of Actions:
Kill the Caretakers Quickly:

This is where the Soulslinger and Blademaster are going to shine. Lightning Strike and Ranged shots are perfect to immediately cut the number of Caretakers in half. Ignore The Surgeon with these characters, since The Surgeon is most likely going to be Armored by at least two Caretakers and thus take no damage. Only the Shieldbearer should be going anywhere near him. Always end the Shieldbearers Turn with Blacksmith’s Grace, even if you think they won’t be attacked. Othercide has a sneaky movement prediction, and a character moving out of the way of the Surgeon might just give him the range to hit you hard. Use the Shieldbearer’s Slam to try and delay his actions. You do not want the damage, you want the delay.

Interrupt every single Group Therapy Cast:

I cannot stress this enough: No matter what, even if it costs you an extra turn: INTERRUPT EVERY GROUP THERAPY. ~80-110 damage from casting Interrupting Round is nothing compared to the possible ~2400 damage to every character in range of it.

Do this, and 9/10 you’ll defeat him with little to no problems.

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