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Where to Find All Strife’s Elemental Ammo Types in Darksiders: Genesis


In addition to standard Shot, Strife can use Charge, Beam, Nature and other Elemental Ammo Types. Below we tell how to get them.

Hot to Get Achievement A Bullet for All Seasons

Note. Describing the location of these items, we mean that you have found a map of a particular location (and it’s easy to do). Their location is indicated in a separate manual. In turn, the found map will allow you to see where a particular collection item is located (in Epic Chests – armor, new abilities, upgrades and ammunition; green and yellow marker – fragments of Health Core and Wrath Core).

  • Charge Shot. Get automatically in the first chapter. In one of the places where the first enemy appears, throwing fire bombs. Defeat all the demons and open an Epic Chest.
  • Static Shot. You can buy from Vulgrim for 3500 souls and 10 coins of the Boatman right after completing the first chapter.
  • Beam Shot. Search in the Epic Chest behind Trickster Gate in the second chapter.
  • Gravity Shot. You can buy this item from Vulgrim after completing chapter six.

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