Agent Guide XCOM: Chimera Squad

Agent Guide XCOM: Chimera Squad


We talk about all the hidden, unlockable abilities of each hero (agent) in the game XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Unfortunately, you can see all these abilities only after a full upgrading of each character.


A man specializes in assault uses a shotgun.

Unlockable abilities (per rank):

Skill 1: attack on the area, covers part of the location, spends two shotgun cartridges.

Skill 2: if the Godmother is not injured, and then receives damage that would cause bleeding, then she will survive. She will have 1 HP. In addition, its course will immediately begin.

Skill 3: a shot without damage, the enemy changes position.

Skill 4: a shot that is guaranteed to hit the target, destroying obstacles.

Skill 5: if the enemy passes close to the Godmother, then she shoots at him.

Skill 6: if on your turn you kill the enemy or render harmless, then the next shot at Godmother will be past.

Skill 7: ult, increases evasion and critical chance, after 3 turns gives an additional move.


  1. At the beginning of the game, Godmother is used for assault and shooting, but subsequently adapts. Come from the flank and attack several opponents at once.
  2. Using the Flush ability, you can use the following tactical move: set the entire squad into observation, and then make the enemy move (using Flush). Your allies will kill him.


Hybrid, tank, has protective abilities, shield. Uses a gun.

Unlockable abilities (per rank):

  • Skill 1: during the assault (before the first turn), the Cherub puts up a shield and causes fire on himself (active skill). In this case, the character blocks all damage, and for each hit of the enemy gets +1 to the shield charge.
  • Skill 2: at the end of each battle, gives the fighter +1 to shield charge.
  • Skill 3: At the end of each turn, the Cherub will receive 1 unit of armor and a bonus from partial cover, even if the enemy shoots from the flank. All allies receive the same bonus. The effect ends if the Cherub takes damage.
  • Skill 4: maximum charge increased to three. If the shield is charged, the Cherub increases mobility.
  • Skill 5: Applying an energy blow and inflicting mortal damage to the enemy (he loses consciousness), the Cherub returns 1 charge to the shield.
  • Skill 6: All allies with a kinetic shield mounted gain +15 accuracy.
  • Skill 7: Spend all shield charges, increasing the damage of each ally until the end of the turn. All enemies get the holographic aiming affect. The more charge, the longer the affect lasts.


A man, a medic, uses a machine gun, heals and supports the detachment.

Unlockable abilities (per rank):

  • Skill 1: restore 2 health units to all agents who entered the location through the same entrance as the Terminal. Once per mission.
  • Skill 2: once per mission, the Terminal will survive, taking fatal damage.
  • Skill 3: warning shot without damage, the enemy cancels his actions.
  • Skill 4: Provides 1 action point to the nearest agent without negative statuses.
  • Skill 5: applying the skill “Protection” (restore 2 HP to any ally), you provide the target with 1 unit of armor.
  • Skill 6: at the end of each turn, the Terminal completely restores its health.
  • Skill 7: ult, restore 4 HP to each ally, including the Terminal itself. Relieves negative statuses, stabilizes bleeding (in a seriously wounded agent).


Alien Telepath. Uses psionic skills, equipped with an assault rifle.

Unlockable abilities (per rank):

  • Skill 1: During penetration, Verge can raise the enemy up. He loses the shelter bonus.
  • Skill 2: For each enemy in the network, Verge receives a +5 bonus on accuracy and +10 crit chance.
  • Skill 3: Enemies on the net cannot die. Instead, they lose consciousness.
  • Skill 4: Deal damage to every enemy on the net.
  • Skill 5: restore 1 HP to each opponent in the network at the end of his turn.
  • Skill 6: the enemy raised by levitation falls, taking 1-3 units of mental damage. It is also added to the network.
  • Skill 7: gain full control over all enemies on the network until the end of the turn. Ulta, once per task.


Man, psionic, buffs allies, uses mental attacks. The weapon is a submachine gun.

Unlockable abilities (per rank):

  • Skill 1: Telepath disorientates enemies in the area of ​​effect. The adversary who was the target will be disoriented for the move longer.
  • Skill 2: Improving the exchange, so displaced enemies move later.
  • Skill 3: improved exchange, so the displaced XCOM and Shelter agents gain +50 defense until the next move.
  • Skill 4: a strong blow by telepathy, because of which the enemy postpones his move. Ignores armor and cover.
  • Skill 5: Aura appears around Shelter, blocking all negative mental effects on Shelter and nearby agents.
  • Skill 6: Improving the fire of the soul. Now half of the damage caused by the ability is compensated for by Shelter’s health.
  • Skill 7: The creation of a double that uses the exchange and fire of the soul. Once per mission!


A human operator, uses electronics and a drone, has an assault rifle.

Unlockable abilities (per rank):

  • Skill 1: the drone will scan the room and endow all enemies with “Holographic Aiming”. Accuracy when firing at marked enemies increases by 15 units.
  • Skill 2: electric shock to enemies, if the patch itself comes close to them, or an enemy goes by. Affects nearby enemies.
  • Skill 3: Improving drone scanners, so the ability can be used twice per mission. Increases critical rate.
  • Skill 4: send a drone that activates stasis at the target. The enemy does not attack, but does not receive damage. Can be used even on an ally.
  • Skill 5: Improving chain lightning, adding disorientation to enemies and stunning.
  • Skill 6: chain lightning and arc inflict increased damage by 1-3 points.
  • Skill 7: Send the drone to the designated location to attack all nearby enemies. An electric shock causes stun. Robots will take increased damage. Ulta, once per mission.


The man, an expert in explosives and dealing damage in an area, uses a shotgun.

Unlockable abilities (per rank):

  • Skill 1: Using a powerful charge, Claymore applies a “gap” to all enemies near the penetration point. Can be used near walls.
  • Skill 2: grenades and other exploding objects are not terrible.
  • Skill 3: restore a soldier’s supply of grenades at the end of each turn.
  • Skill 4: Pomegranate sticking to the body of an enemy. The enemy is forced to retreat. When the enemy stops, the grenade will explode.
  • Skill 5: The shrapnel bomb deals damage to the enemy in cover.
  • Skill 6: improvement of the shrapnel bomb, due to which all fighters in the range of destruction receive a “gap”.
  • Skill 7: shrapnel bombs and sticky grenades do 1 more damage, but they do not complete the turn.


Mutant, attack aircraft, deals high damage, uses a shotgun.

Unlockable abilities (per rank):

  • Skill 1: Knocks the door at the point of entry, causing enemies to panic.
  • Skill 2: Contrition will do little damage to enemies near the target.
  • Skill 3: sometimes missed damage can be reduced to 1 unit.
  • Skill 4: contrition and rage no longer consume action points.
  • Skill 5: Grief can cause panic to nearby enemies.
  • Skill 6: Restore CP at the beginning of its turn.
  • Skill 7: A hit on the ground that damages nearby enemies in a targeted area.


The hybrid, specializing in melee attacks, has high mobility. Instead of firearms, combat gloves.

Unlockable abilities (per rank):

  • Skill 1: using inertia and receives 1 additional point of action, you can use it to completely prevent damage from the next attack.
  • Skill 2: an attack of any opponent who is walking past (close to) or trying to strike close.
  • Skill 3: nearby attacks will not kill, but stun the enemy (unconscious). Melee damage is increased by 1 point. Used instead of retention.
  • Skill 4: Forward throw and melee strike on each enemy encountered along the way. Then goes back.
  • Skill 5: inertia is triggered after application of restraint and crowd control.
  • Skill 6: close attacks ignore armor.
  • Skill 7: Activates Reaper Mode. By killing enemies in this mode, you get 1 action point, but each next melee attack will do less damage.

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