Walkthrough Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel - Game Guide

Walkthrough Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel – Game Guide


At the beginning of the game you will find yourself in room 610. Look around. one door is locked and you can examine its keyhole. The hero will simply pull on the other door. There is a metal contraption, a note, and a pocket watch on the table. Use the latest on your wall clock to save your progress. If you unfold the metal contraption, you can find the code – 293. Use it on the case lying on the floor to get the key. In the large cabinet, in the left compartment, there is a backpack permanently adding 1 inventory slot. There is also a safe, but the code is still unknown. Use the key to open the door to the left of the bed.

Open the door and go to the bathroom. Pick up another backpack. Take the camera lenses from the shelf above the sink. Take the note from the case. The most important thing in it is the code for the safe – 26820. Take the plaster from the toilet cistern. Open the safe in the closet opposite the bed, combine the received battery, camera and lenses from the bathroom in your inventory. The lights will suddenly go out. Press C to use the camera and go to the bathroom, where the cut-scene will start.

Read the newspaper under the door and go out into the corridor. Examine the table on the right. I need a key. There is a key to room 608 on the table. There is a map on the wall. These cards are available in almost all parts of the hotel. Go into the room opposite, in a circle and get out into the corridor through the hole in the wall. Before going out in the cabinet on the right, find the plaster. Search the cabinet in the corridor to get a battery. Use the key to open room 608 on the left.

Take from the suitcase lying on the bed, the note and the key to the drawer. There is a note on the table to the left, pocket watch, plaster and gauze. Combine the plaster with gauze to make a bandage. Go back to the corridor and see the girl’s ghost. Enter the room on the left, through which you passed before, and pay attention to the wall. It has the code 6721 on it. Use the C key to turn on the camera and look at the cabinet on the left. In night vision mode, you will see a safe through the camera. Open this safe to find a backpack and a battery. To save inventory space, combine all available batteries with your camera (up to two). Open the drawer in the table to the left of room 610 you were in at the beginning of the game. You will receive a key to room 606, a battery and a note.

Go back through 608 and through the hole in the wall, go out into the corridor and find yourself in the hallway by the stairs. Take the note from the chair. There is another note with the code 67352 and a battery in the room to the left. There are gauze and a battery on the table on the left. Remember to use bandages to restore some of your health. Open the door to room 604 on the other side of the corridor. It is held in place by a chain. There is a broken elevator on the right. There is a note about the broken elevator on the curbstone on the left.

Go down the stairs and save the room on the left. By the way, you can immediately take your pocket watch with you. I don’t know if it’s a bug or not. Go to the end of the corridor and find a backpack. Return to the stairs and go between the two cabinets opposite it. Take the note and the red access card from the table. The path further leads to a blue corridor, but the only thing that is there is a plaster. You can also search the file cabinet to collect single-word notes, batteries, and gauze. Return to the floor above, go to the room ahead and insert the red card into the red dial on the right. Enter the code 67352. Walk left and left again. Go down the steps and see a note on the cabinet. It contains the letter code – AFD HGA, and also gives a hint 6 = F. On the floor with the stairs, there is a clue G = 7 on the wall. So far, this is not enough. There is a backpack and a loft stick in the next locker.

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