Walkthrough 1

Guide and walkthrough Beautiful Desolation

Guide and walkthrough Beautiful Desolation


If you have not participated in the combat arena, you can still do so now. If you already have the RED MERCURY from the MOSS or NEST etc you can ignore this quest, but you can receive two RED MERCURY items. Use your tokens to unlock your champions!

Once you have the TETHER DEVICE (Taken from the Chiznyama), then TEAR SLINGSHOT DEVICE (Taken from the Mongrel homeland), and the RED MERCURY (Taken from either the MOSS or the NEST, or as a reward from GRAVE), fly to VESTA and land at ARRAY SITE 2.

Add all 3 ARRAY COMPONENTS to the ARRAY (these can be added during the game as found). The Array can even take two RED MERCURY inputs if you have both.  Access the ARRAY TERMINAL and turn on the ARRAY. Exit in Buffalo, and fly to the AGNATE BASE. To land at the AGNATE BASE you need the AGNATE TRANSPONDER. This can be purchased from THABS at THE KETTLE GATE.

At the AGNATE BASE, access the TERMINAL by the AGNATE BASE gate. If you have spoken to JERRY the Agnate at the BONEYARD in CHIRON (See point 12. MONGREL/FLEY), you will be able to use his CORE CARTRIDGE to access a defragging Agnate inside the AGNATE BASE. Controlling the Agnate, turn on the ARRAY inside the AGNATE BASE.

Note – You can load the latest AGNATE DESIGNS onto the CORE CARTRIDGE inside the base. If you load these onto the FLEY COMPUTER, and use the EMPTY TOKEN on the computer, you will get the AGNATE TOKEN for use in the ARENA (see point CHALLENGING THE PRIESTS TO COMBAT.)

After the ARRAY is turned on, you can talk to the BASE GUARD.

Note – Once you have turned on the ARRAY, The Bulwark will become inaccessible. It is recommended that you check up on any unfinished business you may have around the world before making your final run on BABEL.

Leave the AGNATE BASE, and, using the Warden, fly to BABEL. Once in BABEL, activate the ION CANNON CONTROLLER (See point MONGREL/FLEY). Once the Buffalo has landed at the TEMPLE OF BABEL, run across the bridge and into the Temple. The ending scenes will reflect the game you played, and this part of the game will alter depending on how you have treated the people and characters as well as your companions. Talk to Daris.

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