Walkthrough 1

Guide and walkthrough Beautiful Desolation

Guide and walkthrough Beautiful Desolation


HOW TO GET THE ION CANNON CONTROLLER which will be used to take out the anchors at BABEL.


Using the data retrieved from the CAECUS DATA DISK, your Buffalo now has the option to fly to SLAG. SLAG is the home of two warring nations, The FLEY and the MONGRELS. Access the SLAG warden. Fly to the Mongrels. Land at the Mongrel Homeland. Speak to the Mongrel guard in the north on the bridge. 

OPTIONALLY pickup the PRAWN EGG in the grass patch in the SOUTH EAST – this can be given to ISHMAEL in VESTA at the OVERLOOK.

Leave SLAG and go back to VESTA, visit the MISTRESS OF WITHERBERG (AT WITHERBERG) and buy the Heat Resistance upgrade for the buffalo. Return to SLAG and land at the FLEY homeland of SCORIA. Speak to the Legut and get permission to visit the GRAND MAW. Access the FLEY HATCHERY And speak to the GRAND MAW. Scan BROKEN BUDDY at the FLEY terminal to have him repaired.

There are multiple additional plot lines here, but we will not deviate and will keep this simple.

Pickup the DEAD BRISSEL WORM in the South West  (from the exposed tanks). Leave the FLEY and return to the MONGRELS. Combine the DEAD BRISSEL WORM and the NECROSIS STIMULATION TANK and give the guard the OCCUPIED NECROSIS STIMULATION TANK. Access the MONGREL HOMELAND. Speak to the MONGREL LEADER by the helicopter and learn about the MONGRELS. Copy the CHIRON/BAAS COORDINATES from the large statue. 

You can optionally return to the GRAND MAW and chat to her. Leave the Mongrels and fly to VESTA. Go to ABBEY AT WITHERBERG and speak to ATUM (the FLEY) In the bottom corner of the Bar. Learn about the location of the NEXUS GUARDIAN in ZOZO at the HANGING NEXUS. Land at the KETTLE GARAGE in SAXONWALD and retrieve the NEXUS GUARDIAN CPU. 

Fly to ZOZO and land at the HANGING NEXUS. Access the Nexus terminal and engage the the NEXUS GUARDIAN. Speak to the NEXUS GUARDIAN. Give the GUARDIAN the NEXUS GUARDIAN CPU. After speaking to her again, go back to the Nexus terminal and input the BAAS COORDINATES. You can speak to her again, or explore the area to the North and collect the gold. 

CHIRON (The Warden to the Lost City of Baas) is now unlocked. LEAVE ZOZO and go to CHIRON (the homeland of the BAAS). Once you have entered CHIRON, at any point if you speak to The Mongrels they will give you a MONGREL TOKEN. On entering CHIRON you can complete the 11. THE BIOME SEEDING DEVICE QUEST. You need to get THE ION CANNON CONTROLLER and you can then optionally give this to the FLEY or the MONGRELS.

In CHIRON land at the BAAS LAUNCH PLATFORM. Access the terminal and download the coordinates for the BAAS RUINS – ENDORHEIC LAKE. Land at the BAAS RUINS – ENDORHEIC LAKE and explore to the north east. In the next scene- THE BAAS FELLED FOREST  (close to the crashed BAAS Craft) you will find some gold. Exit this scene and return to the BAAS RUINS.

Navigate to the North West and access the BAAS FELLED FOREST (this time from the left). Cross the bridge and note that terminal. Land at the NECROPOLIS and walk into the BONEYARD. Close to the BONEYARD MAIDENS you will find a BAAS SKULL. Leave Chiron and return to the Sangoma at Saxonwold, use his DNA SCANNER to replicate BAAS DNA from the BAAS SKULL. Return to Chiron and now you will be able to access the BAAS CAVERN which contains the Reactor.

Note if you sold BUDDY to the WITNESSES you can now buy him back and he will be repaired. 

Head into the MINE and use BUDDY to unlock the reactor. This puzzle solution is:

  • On the First terminal copy the Protocol COOLANT RODS to the Second Terminal.
  • Return to the First Terminal.
  • Copy the CONTROL RODS from the First Terminal to the Second Terminal.
  • Return the COOLANT RODS from the Second Terminal to the First Terminal.
  • Copy the BACKUP FUSION SYSTEM from the First Terminal to the Second Terminal.
  • Copy the PLASMA MODERATION from the First Terminal to the Second Terminal.
  • Copy the COOLANT RODS from the First Terminal to the Second Terminal.

Shut down the power. Leave the CAVERN AND  FELLED FOREST and land at the BAAS LAUNCH PLATFORM. The power is now OFF! Enter BAAS ION CONTROL. Access the terminal , just before the steps and turn on the Security Hologram. Use the Poem from the PHALLUS you picked up in the library to solve the challenge questions. The answers are: EMMERSON, BAQUIR and DOOMSAGE, and TECHNOLOGY.

Collect the ION CANNON Controller. You can now choose to give THE ION CANNON CONTROLLER to the FLEY or the MONGRELS. Before choosing: Note – You can load the latest AGNATE DESIGNS onto the CORE CARTRIDGE inside the base. If you load these onto the FLEY COMPUTER, and use the EMPTY TOKEN on the computer, you will get the AGNATE TOKEN for use in the ARENA (see point CHALLENGING THE PRIESTS TO COMBAT.)

If you support the FLEY. Talk to the GRAND MAW. It will tell you to speak to the Legut and give it the ION CANNON CONTROLLER. Give the ION CANNON CONTROLLER to the Legut. Collect the TEAR SLINGSHOT DEVICE from the ruins of the Mongrels.

If you support the Mongrels. Give the ION CANNON CONTROLLER to COMMANDER SWART. The Mongrels will allow you to take the TEAR SLINGSHOT DEVICE from their base, by interacting with the terminal.

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