Walkthrough 1

Guide and walkthrough Beautiful Desolation

Guide and walkthrough Beautiful Desolation


This quest is optional, if you would rather do the combat component you can ignore this.


Use the Warden and head to VESTA. Land at the Old Ark 1 site, and explore the old ruins of the crashed Chiznyama Ark 1. In the ruins you will find a PORTAL SPAWNER. Leave with the Buffalo. You can enter the TEAR by using the PORTAL SPAWNER on the Tear. Inside UNKNOWN, land at NEST ALPHA.

Note: You will need to upgrade your Buffalo with the ELECTRICAL RESISTANCE UPGRADE, purchased from the Mistress Of Witherberg.

Talk to DA7ABA5E5. It will update your map with the location of NEST BETA. DA7ABA5E5 will also tell you about the BIOME SEEDING DEVICE, and give you the location of the COMMAND MODULE. Leave on the Buffalo, and fly to NEST BETA. Talk to ONE, who will give you a NEST PROTONANITE. Talk to CA5CADAB1E. It will ask you to help them bridge the divide. Land at the COMMAND MODULE. In the South East you will find an empty THERMAL STORAGE CUBE.

When you are next at the FLEY HOMELAND of SCORIA, Use the THERMAL STORAGE CUBE on the bubbling lava, filling it up. Land at the COMMAND MODULE and use the FULL THERMAL STORAGE CUBE on the FROZEN COMMAND MODULE. This will defrost it. Talk to DR ANNA TAYLOR.

Return to DA7ABA5E5 at NEST ALPHA and talk to it about the other Nest, as well as DR TAYLOR. Return to DR ANNA TAYLOR and talk to her about The Divide. Land at NEST BETA and talk to CA5CADAB1E about what caused The Divide. It will give you the NEST VIRUS. 

OPTIONAL – If you want a NEST TOKEN for the Arena, return to DR ANNA TAYLOR and inset the NEST VIRUS. Once you have destroyed the COMMAND MODULE, return to CA5CADAB1E and it will give you a NEST TOKEN.  (see point CHALLENGING THE PRIESTS TO COMBAT.)


Land at the MOSS GULCH and attempt to communicate with the MOSS GUARD. Once you have spoken to DR ANNA TAYLOR (See point 10, THE NEST) about her dealings with a wandering medicine man, leave UNKNOWN and fly to THE KETTLE GATE. Talk to SIZA about his life as a wandering medicine man. He will give you a TRANSLATOR. Return to UNKNOWN and land at the MOSS GULCH. You now have access to the MOSS CAVE. Inside the MOSS CAVE talk to the NURSE. 

You can also find a FUEL CELL at the bottom of the cave. Take it.
At the top entrance of the CAVE you will find a MOSS SPORE POD growing close to the space station. Leave the MOSS GULCH and land at NEST ALPHA. Use the MOSS SPORE POD on the captured MOSS. Return to the MOSS GULCH with the FULL MOSS SPORE POD and give it to the MOSS NURSE. Talk to the MOSS ROOT. He will give you a MOSSLING.


Enter CHIRON using the WARDEN. (see point 12. MONGREL/FLEY). Land at the NECROPOLIS and walk to THE BONEYARD. Talk to LEBANON. He will activate KUSH in the GLOSSOLALIA. Speak to the BONEYARD MAIDENS and collect the BAAS SKULL from their bone pits. Talk to KUSH, and ask him to scan the PROTONANITE (see point 10. THE ALEXIS EXPERIMENT). Talk to DON about blowing a hole wide enough to enter the SECRET GARDEN.

Take the FUEL CELL and combine it with the BLASTING CAP. (The BLASTING CAP is found at the ARRAY SITE in SLAG). Place the newly created UNEXPLODED ORDNANCE close to the wall, and run!

Note – The explosion dislodges a GOLDEN PHALLUS with a poem engraved on it, This poem is a clue to be used in 12. MONGREL/FLEY.

Once the wall has been blown up, Talk to POOCH. Now controlling POOCH, run to the east of the garden. You will see the BIOME SEEDING DEVICE protected by a forcefield. In the South East of the garden, there is a DIAGRAM inscribed onto a stone panel. Turn on POOCH’s special vision which allows you to turn off the FORCEFIELD GENERATORS. Turn off the generators in the order shown on the diagram. Make sure to switch from POOCH’s special vision to ‘normal’ vision before turning off the final generator. Collect the BIOME SEEDING DEVICE and return to MARK. COMBINE the BIOME SEEDING DEVICE with the PROTONANITE and the MOSSLING to repair it. Return to UNKNOWN.

If you support the Nest. Give the BIOME SEEDING DEVICE to ONE. Collect the RED MERCURY from the FROZEN MOSS CAVE.

If you support the Moss. Give the BIOME SEEDING DEVICE to the Moss Root. Collect the RED MERCURY from the NEST BETA.

If you support Dr Anna Taylor. If you want to support DR ANNA TAYLOR (If she is still alive), give her the BIOME SEEDING DEVICE. Collect the RED MERCURY from the WILDERNESS (In the old location of NEST BETA). In the sand, in the South, you will also find a BLANK TOKEN. This can be used with the FLEY COMPUTER (see MONGREL/FLEY) if they have not been destroyed.

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