Walkthrough 1

Guide and walkthrough Beautiful Desolation

Guide and walkthrough Beautiful Desolation


Once you have spoken to Oothee (See TALKING TO OOTHEE), she will give you a CHIZNYAMA COMMUNICATION DEVICE. Exit the HANASI TAPHOUSE and leave FORT HANASI with the Buffalo. Using the Warden, fly to ZOZO, and to the CHIZNYAMA. You can now communicate with the CHIZNYAMA. They will give you a list of ideas on how to prove yourself worthy of entering their village. They will also update your map with the location of an abandoned Chiznyama village inside the CITY RUINS. Leave on the Buffalo and land at the CITY RUINS. Explore the area, and pick up the WORMS in the vegetable patch by the skeletal remains of a beast. Collect the GOLD in the North of this area.

OPTIONAL – You can report back to OOTHEE on your meeting with the CHIZNYAMA, and get some hints as to where to go.

Using the Warden, enter VESTA and fly to the WITHERBERG OVERLOOK. Talk to ISHMAEL about his dealings with the CHIZNYAMA and their search for the TOKOLOSHE beast. He will give you an EMPTY TRAP. Combine the WORMS with the EMPTY TRAP to create the BAITED TRAP. Leave on the Buffalo, and fly to MILKBUSH BEACH. Run to the top of the beach, where the little creature ran away when you first arrived (it squeaks)

Place the BAITED TRAP on the ground where the creature ran away. Leave MILKBUSH BEACH, either by Buffalo, or by running to the MILKBUSH SEA WALL. Return to MILKBUSH BEACH and pick up the TRAPPED BEAST. Leave on the Buffalo, and fly to ZOZO. Land at the CHIZNYAMA and place the TRAPPED BEAST on the receiving tray.  You now have access to the Chinzyama village. Talk to the CHIZNYAMA. 

They have a TETHER DEVICE and will give it to you if you find the location of their gateway to Leal – the home of their gods.


Using the Warden, fly to SAXONWOLD. Fly to the HANASI, and land at FORT HANASI. If you have not yet gained access to the HANASI, see 7ENTERING THE FORT AND TALKING TO OOTHEE. Run up the gantry around the side of the Fort to the floating CAECUS DRONE who is manning the antennae. Talk to NARCHEE.

After talking to NARCHEE, you now have the location of the CAECUS HOMETREE in your maps. Leave on the Buffalo, and fly to the CAECUS HOMETREE. Talk to RAISIN at the gate. Leave on the Buffalo and head back to NARCHEE at FORT HANASI. Talk to him about his TRANSPONDER (needed to access the CAECUS ROOF TOP.

Leave in the Buffalo and head to THE KETTLE. If you do not yet have access to THE KETTLE, see Point GETTING ACCESS TO THE KETTLE.

(OPTIONAL) – You can go to talk to the Chiznyama about their transmissions to the Caecus before heading to the Caecus Homeland.

Leave on the Buffalo, and fly to the CAECUS. Talk to Pooch. She will access the CAECUS HOMETREE. Controlling Pooch, switch to her alternate vision more. This will show an intense piece of electrical signals. Activate the COMMUNICATIONS ARRAY. Return to Mark and Don and leave the CAECUS using the Buffalo. Access the Warden network and fly to ZOZO. Once in ZOZO, land at the CHIZNYAMA ARK (If you do not yet have access to the Chiznyama, see point TALKING TO THE CHIZNYAMA.

Talk to the Chiznyama. Access their transmitter – which has now been turned on in the CAECUS HOMETREE. Take control of the CAECUS and enter the CAECUS TREEHOUSE. Connect to the Mainframe, and download the CAECUS MAPPING DATA.

Your map will be updated with:

  • TEAR (Vesta)
  • OLD ARK 1 (Vest)
  • FLEY SCORIA (Slag)

Optionally you can self destruct all CAECUS DRONES. This choice will have repercussions later. CHOICES (Collecting the Tether Device).

If you support the Chiznyama. In the CHIZNYAMA ARK, hand over the CAECUS MAP DATA. The Chiznyama will expel you from their homeland. They will give you a CHIZNYAMA TOKEN which you can use to fight in the games (see point CHALLENGING THE PRIESTS TO COMBAT.)

Use the Warden and head to VESTA. Land at the Old Ark 1 site, and explore the old ruins of the crashed Chiznyama Ark 1. In the ruins you will find a PORTAL SPAWNER. Leave with the Buffalo. You can enter the TEAR by using the PORTAL SPAWNER on the Tear. Either explore the Tear now, or head back to ZOZO through the Warden and LAND BACK at the Chiznyama homeland. You can also fly to SAXONWOLD and the HANASI FORTRESS and see what effect supporting the Chiznyama has had on the Hanasi.

Using the Wardens, fly back to Vesta and use the PORTAL SPAWNER on the TEAR. In UNKNOWN, collect the TETHER DEVICE from the wreckage of the ARK 2.

If you support the Hanasi. Leave the CHIZNYAMA ARK and fly to the HANASI FORTRESS in SAXONWOLD. Give the CAECUS MAP DATA to Oothee. Oothee will give you a HANASI TOKEN which you can use to fight in the games (see point CHALLENGING THE PRIESTS TO COMBAT).

You can explore the world a little through the Wardens, as some time must pass for the Hanasi to rally their troops. Using the Wardens, fly to ZOZO and land at the remains of the Chiznyama. Collect the TETHER DEVICE from the runs.

OPTIONAL – You can return to Oothee in Fort Hanasi and talk to her about what happened.

Finally. Land at the HALKET HANGAR and pickup BUDDY in the ruins behind Don’s hanger. There is also GOLD in the east.

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