Walkthrough 1

Guide and walkthrough Beautiful Desolation

Guide and walkthrough Beautiful Desolation


Using the WARDEN, fly to SAXONWOLD. Land at the TRAVELLERS GRAVEYARD. Pickup the gold in the EAST (by the wagon). Find the open grave and pick up the FEMUR BONE. Fly to THE KETTLE, and land at THE KETTLE GATE. Talk to THABS the trader for some history on THE KETTLE. You can trade with him at any time in the game. Run up the stairs and talk to the DOOR GUARD. To the east, there is the SANGOMA TABERNACLE. Enter it, and talk to SIZA.

Exit the TABERNACLE to the KETTLE GATE and leave on the Buffalo. Fly to the WARDEN and go back to VESTA. In VESTA, fly back to WITHERBERG, and enter the ABBEY. Talk to BRA’ BONES. He will tell you what the password is to enter THE KETTLE. Fly back to THE KETTLE GATE and talk to the DOOR GUARD. He will open the door, and you can now enter THE KETTLE COURTYARD.


Explore the KETTLE COURTYARD. You will find a gold item to the North East by the fighting pits. Talk to the drunk floating CAECUS, LOOSE LIPS. Enter the SHEBEEN. Talk to GRAVE. He will grant you access to THE BULWARK. To trade for his RED MERCURY you will need to bring him the MASK OF NEVROGORSES. You can speak to BRA BONES’S Brother in the corner of the dance floor, he will give you the location of the KETTLE GARAGE. Leave the SHEBEEN to the KETTLE COURTYARD and call the Buffalo.

Fly to the THE BULWARK GATES, and enter the THRONE ROOM at the base of the stairs, between the two large golden statues. Talk to BOOMELAAR and challenge The Five to combat. BOOMELAAR will tell you that you need an offering of bone and blood to officially compete. Leave on the Buffalo, and return to THE KETTLE. Enter the SANGOMA TABERNACLE. Access the computer system in the small library to the east. Shut down SIZA.

Access SIZA (Who is in recharge mode), to learn of the password for his storage room (CLICK ON HIM). Note the Password (PWD) Enter the password to gain access to the storage room. Here you will find a DNA SEQUENCER. Add the FEMUR BONE into the DNA SEQUENCER and it will produce a BAG OF BLOOD. Combine the BAG OF BLOOD with the FEMUR BONE to create your offering of the BONE COVERED IN BLOOD.

Also pickup the NECROSIS STIMULATION TANK in the store room. Fly back to the BULWARK GATES and enter the THRONE ROOM. Make an offering of the BONE COVERED IN BLOOD, which will open THE ARCADE. Talk to the KNOWLEDGE SLAVE for some information about the games. Collect the gold that is hidden in the south of THE ARCADE.

NOTE. Unless you have any COMBAT TOKENS you cannot challenge anyone in the arena.

Tokens are found throughout the game. They can be found by helping people, or in other ways.

Once you have found some tokens, add them into the red receiving tray. You can come back to challenge The Priests at any time. 

We recommend having at least 3 tokens to properly challenge the five PRIESTS. Each battle will get subsequently harder. Once you have defeated NEVROGORSES, You will receive the GOLDEN MASK OF TRIBULATION. Return it to GRAVE at the KETTLE and he will provide THE RED MERCURY. Take the RED MERCURY back to VESTA and land at the ARRAY SITE. Place it in the receiving tray.  You do not have to complete the combat, and there is another way to get RED MERCURY which we will detail below.



Enter SAXONWOLD through the Warden. Fly to the HANASI JUNK YARD. Run towards the gate and speak to Cottonmouth. He will give you a GOURD OF MOTHERS MILK. Leave on the Buffalo, and head to the Warden. Using the Warden, fly to ZOZO. Once in ZOZO, fly to the CHIZNYAMA who have their village under a large shield. You cannot talk to them, but you can collect the STRANGE SEEDS in the makeshift greenhouse where a Hanasi villager has passed out.

Explore the Chiznyama gate for some gold, in the South. You can optionally Speak to DON here about this place and it will unlock the HALKET HANGAR from which you can collect BUDDY and some GOLD. Leave in the Buffalo, and using the Warden, fly to SAXONWOLD and to THE KETTLE. (If you have no gained access to THE KETTLE, see GAINING ACCESS TO THE KETTLE.

Land in the KETTLE COURTYARD and talk to the KETTLE MAIDEN. Combine the STRANGE SEEDS with the GOURD OF MOTHERS MILK to get the SEEDS SOAKED IN MOTHERS MILK. Give the SEEDS SOAKED IN MOTHERS MILK to the KETTLE MAIDEN. Leave the KETTLE COURTYARD. You can go on another quest, or return immediately to the KETTLE COURTYARD. Once you return, run to the gardens and pick up the CULTIVATED HERB.

Leave in the Buffalo, and fly to the HANASI JUNK YARD. Go to Cottonmouth and give him the CULTIVATED HERB. You can now enter FORT HANASI. Once inside FORT HANASI, you can enter the HANASI TAPHOUSE. Run up the stairs, and talk to GOGGA, the Tik game master. He will tell you that you need to bring a fresh bushel of CULTIVATED HERB to play Tik.

Again, return to the KETTLE COURTYARD and collect CULTIVATED HERB from the gardens (Kettle Maiden). Return to the HANASI TAPHOUSE and give the CULTIVATED HERB to Gogga. You can play Tik until you win! Once you have won a game of Tik, you can now speak to Oothee.

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